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Model sues Apple over naked photos in iCloud hack

Last month’s highly publicized celebrity iCloud hacking got quite a bit of press, but Apple itself came out of the affair relatively unscathed (at least legally), blaming user error and weak password for the leaks, as well as the victims’ choosing not to implement iCloud’s 2-step log-in method (you know, the one no one uses).

Joy Corrigan

Joy Corrigan is an avid and accomplished iPhone-selfie taker

Well, one victim, model Joy Corrigan, has decided that Apple should be held accountable for the leak, and has filed a class-action suit against the company over the series of nude photos she claims were illegally obtained from her iPhone during two separate iCloud hackings.

No, those pictures are not the leaked ones, they’re just a couple implied-nude snaps from her Instagram (which I recommend you follow), but you can certainly understand why hackers might be interested in obtaining more.

We reached out to Miss Corrigan who put us in touch with her legal representative who detailed the attack:

“Joy first realized her phone had been subjected to some sort of hacking back in July when her phone went blank, she was locked out of her accounts, and friends were reporting mysterious messages from her phone number that Joy wasn’t sending. She immediately alerted Apple to this problem. They did little to resolve the issue at that time.

She found out she was a part of this celebrity photo hacking scandal at the same time and in the same manner as the other celebrities who have had nude photos released. (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, etc). Joy was publicly identified as a targeted celebrity at that time.”

Being the thorough journalists we are, we were able to verify Miss Corrigan’s nude photos appeared in the same Reddit threads and on 4Chan as the other celebs targeted in the attack.

When asked whether Corrigan’s hacking could be an inside job, perhaps someone who knew her personally and could have therefore answered her iCloud verification questions, Miss Corrigan’s representative remained adamant.

“There is no possibility Joy’s hacking was done by someone who knows her. We are unable to comment on the status of any current conversations with Apple at this time.”

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this case, and whether any other celebrities targeted in the attack decide to follow suit.

5 Responses to “Model sues Apple over naked photos in iCloud hack”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Well, if there is any solace she can take, it’s that she appears to be unable to take a bad picture, and she looks way better than the other celbs who were hacked.

  2. Phil McKraken says:

    Hmmm. I hadn’t heard of her before, but she is certainly lovely.
    Hopefully Apple can find a way to keep people out of our iClouds. Not that anyone would want to see MY photos…

  3. RaptorOO7 says:

    Honestly why is this “news” on your site still. Know one knows who this model is, she is only gaining publicity off of it and if the Celebrity’s who have been hacked haven’t sued then she really can’t claim she has been harmed more than they have.

    Plus rule # 1, don’t host on a server what you don’t want th world to see, its not secure. It you post nude photos they will be found and posted especially if you are famous. I am not saying anyone deserved it, not by a long shot, their privacy was breached. Still there are ways to prevent these types of breaches, highly secure passwords, get a password manager if you can’t keep track yourself, never use the same password for two web sites, use two factor authentication and change your password frequently. Oh and when it comes to secret questions, like what is your mothers maiden name, make it something OTHER than your mothers maiden name so it can’t be socially engineered.

  4. John Schnee says:

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  5. adad says:

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