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Review: JunoPower’s Kaebo Lightning Cable

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

OK, get ready for some real excitement because I’m about to review… A LIGHTNING CABLE!

That’s right, one of those $3 things Apple charges $19 for, Amazon charges $11 for, eBay charges $9 for, and which you have to replace every 3 months or so. So what makes this cable so special? Well, in theory, you don’t have to replace it. Or at least that’s the claim of JunoPower, makers of the Kaebo Lightning Sync and Charge Cable ($19.99 on Amazon).

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

Yes, the cable is as pricey as Apple’s, but at least it FEELS pricey… The braided anti-tear covering is designed to keep this thing from tearing ben if you pull your cables our like an idiot from the cord, like I do, and it doesn’t give you that annoying “incompatible accessory” warning that some 3rd party cables do.

This really feels like the “Monster Cable” of lightning cables (and apologies if Monster already makes an over-priced lightning cable). The cable itself has some nice “memory” to it, the connectors are sturdy aluminum, the fabric cover looks cool and high-end… I love this cable as much as a person should love a charging cable. Maybe more.

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

Now to be fair, I have used it for only just over 1 month, and cable tears usually happen a few weeks after that, but do yourself a favor and pick one of these up and tell me you don’t at least FEEL like you got your money’s worth.

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

Juno Power Kaebo Lightning Cable

Price: ($19.99 on Amazon)
Pros: Solidly built, looks cool, feels cool, costs the same as Apple’s cable
Cons: None significant

3 Responses to “Review: JunoPower’s Kaebo Lightning Cable”
  1. Jeff says:

    Quote: “Price: $399 ($19.99 on Amazon)” Wow, that’s a hell of a discount.

  2. hahaha… yeah I would totally suggest picking it up from Amazon.

    Fixed, Thanks!
    – The Doc

  3. Douglas Lee says:

    So far, 1 of the 4 cables I purchased failed in the first 2 1/2 months. I contacted the seller since Amazon only has a 2 month return/replace policy.
    The seller (Juno) went back and forth asking me email questions one at a time before considering that their item failed in such a short time. 25% failure rate in less than 3 months is not a reliable product even though their entire sales pitch is about a robust/reliable cable. These cables are not cheap and for this failure rate, they seem to be worse than generic cables. They have agreed to a return, but didn’t offer return shipping which I inquired about, I will update this review if they react favorably, but I am not holding my breath. My general impression, is AVOID this product.

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