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This Week in Apple: Christian Bale, Gay Stuff, and Streaming in the sky!


iPhone Statue on Russian university campus honoring Steve Jobs taken down after Tim Cook announces he’s Gay

Just one day after Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “coming out” essay was published in Bloomberg Businessweek, a statue honoring the late Steve Jobs, which stood in the courtyard of a St. Petersburg campus since January of 2013, has been dismantled. The statue, in the shape of a 6 foot tall iPhone, was originally commissioned by a group of Russian companies known as West European Financial Union, which is somehow abbreviated as (ZEFS). The group claims they were forced to take down the statue in order to comply with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “gay propaganda” law, which seeks to protect “traditional family values”, although when reading ZEFS statement, it sounds like it did not take a whole lot of arm-pulling.

‘In Russia, gay propaganda and other sexual perversions among minors are prohibited by law,’ ZEFS said, noting that the memorial had been ‘in an area of direct access for young students and scholars’.
‘After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly called for sodomy, the monument was taken down to abide to the Russian federal law protecting children from information promoting denial of traditional family values.’

I admit I only skimmed Tim Cook’s essay, but apparently ZEFS somehow got an early rough draft of Cook’s speech where Tim “calls for sodomy”, because I did not see it.

Southwest Airlines begins rolling out Beats streaming music on some flights


OMG look at how cute that plane is! It’s got headphones on!!

Southwest has teamed up with Apple to begin adding its newly acquired Beats music service on select flights, as noted by their sweet paint jobs.

“Southwest connects our Customers to what is important in their lives and in this case, it’s music,” said Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer. “We continue to enhance our onboard offerings to remain current as our Customers’ needs evolve, and with the addition of Beats Music on our entertainment portal, we’re doing just that.”

No word yet on whether Apple plans to roll out the PING service to Southwest customers as well, but fingers crossed!


Christian Bale will NOT be playing Steve Jobs

Just a week after publicly agreeing to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin bio pic, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming Batman will NOT be playing the iconic CEO.

Although the two men look similar enough when you place these two particular photographs next to each other, I’m actually happy about this news. Bale’s a great actor, but the entire idea of this movie just seems like a big “meh” to me, and that’s coming from someone who owns multiple Steve Jobs action figures. MULTIPLE. My understanding is this was not so much a biopic as three, 30-minutes, continuous vignettes about 3 specific product launches. So, if you’ve seen all the Stevenotes, I think you’ve seen this. In fact, with the phrase “three continuous 30-minute scenes”, I’m wondering how Seth Rogen, rumored to play Steve Wozniak, would fit in. Is he just sitting in the audience during one of the addresses? Doesn’t sound like a lot of “Thin Woz” footage and Atari days of camaraderie to me, so I think I will pass on seeing this movie, much like Bale passed on being seen in it.

2 Responses to “This Week in Apple: Christian Bale, Gay Stuff, and Streaming in the sky!”
  1. Andrew says:

    Oh, what’s playing? Another Steve Jobs Move? Wake me up when it’s over. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I have to admit I’d like to see a “Steve Jobs Vampire Killer” flick, or maybe a special “Night of the Living Dead”. Now that would be cool. Especially if the ZAZ guys from “Airplane” directed it. Of course if the Hollywood 3D guys could bring back dead actors for more movies I’d like to see a couple of “Steve Jobs Meets the 3 Stooges” shorts.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sony just dropped its backing of the Aaron Sorkin and based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. More than ever it is time for a “Three Stooges Meet Steve Jobs” serial. How could it miss?

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