You’re buying an Apple Car, Swatch Steal’s Apple’s One More Thing, and Samsung tries to rip-off the iPad Pro before Apple even releases it - Macenstein

You’re buying an Apple Car, Swatch Steal’s Apple’s One More Thing, and Samsung tries to rip-off the iPad Pro before Apple even releases it

Well, looks like you’re buying an Apple Car after all

Assuming, that is, you’re one of those people who hates the “driving” part of driving your car. After months (or has it been years at this point?) of rumors swirling around the the possibility of Cupertino producing a self-driving electric car, Apple has reportedly hired former Tesla employee Jamie Carlson, a man whose speciality is “autonomous vehicle firmware”. That may not be enough evidence to get a guilty verdict in a court of law, but it’s MORE than enough to convict Apple in the court of Rumor Site public opinion as 1000% building a self-driving electric car.

Personally, I’d be far more interested in buying an Apple car than an Apple Watch, since the Apple Car would presumably not only also have a clock in it, but it would have wheels!!

Swatch Steal’s Apple’s One More Thing
I’ll admit I lost track of Swatch somewhere around the time they dropped the Fat Boys from their advertising campaign, but apparently they are not only still around, but feel they are relevant enough to consider Apple a threat to their watch business. So much so, in fact, that they have decided to hit back at Apple where it hurts the most by stealing the iconic Keynote-speech catch phrase of the company’s late, beloved, and universally revered founder, Steve Jobs. That’s right, Swatch has apparently trademarked Steve’s famous “One More Thing”, a line he would often save until the very last moment of an Apple special event, and which would often be followed by the introduction of a secret, groundbreaking new product, back in the days when such things were possible (read : “pre-internet”).

Now, if you’re like me you’re first thought at hearing this was probably “Apple didn’t already trademark that?” Apparently not, and Swatch not only trademarked it, but it looks like the company also plans to build its upcoming marketing campaign around the phrase, as well as the completely different “Swatch One More Thing”. To be fair, at least it’s better than their “I’d Like to buy the World a Swatch” campaign, although that song WAS a infectious.

Samsung tries to rip-off the iPad Pro before Apple even releases it

I’ve always wondered why Apple doesn’t use its successful product track record to bankrupt other companies… Just float a rumor that you’re working on an Apple refrigerator or space station, and sit back as Amazon, Samsung and the rest funnel hundreds of millions into coming up with their iFridge-killer. Sadly, it looks like Samsung has decided all the smoke surrounding Apple’s rumored upcoming giant iPad Pro indeed signals a real fire, and they are now themselves rumored to be working on their OWN 18.4-inch tablet.

By the way, that size is INSANE. 18.4 inches? That’s a real “Oh yeah?!?” statement coming out of Samsung, as Apple’s Pro tablet is rumored to top out at a measly 12.9 inches. I’m not entirely sure how many people (beside me) are looking forward to the larger iPad Pro, but I can’t imagine ANYONE is looking forward carrying around a TV set… I mean the stylus alone must be 11 inches long… If this continued “innovation” from Samsung holds, I can’t wait to see Samsung’s 18-wheeled Self Driving car. (And yes, I realize the hypocrisy of accusing Samsung of ripping off Apple’s iPad in the same article where I gloss over Apple getting in on Google’s self-driving car business and Swatch’s watch business, but this is indeed an Apple fan site, so let’s just watch another Fat Boys Swatch commercial and move on.)

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