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Review: flatOUT™ LED Lightning by Scosche (That’s right, I’m going to review a lightning cable.)

Scosche flatOUT Lightning cable

If you’ve been a loyal Apple supporter/upgrader, odds are by now you have probably owned 4-5 Apple devices that utilize a Lightning cable to charge. And if you are a SMART Apple user, you have never ONCE paid the $19.00 (formerly $25) Apple charges for its cables, when dozens of 3rd party accessory makers sell theirs for about half that.

As overpriced as Apple’s cables are, I’m about to go against every cheap bone in my body and recommend you consider dropping $19 on a lightning cable from Scosche. Their flatOUT™ LED Lightning cable has a couple neat features that may actually justify its approx. $20 price tag, or at least make Apple’s cables look like an even worse deal than they already do.

Scosche flatOUT Lightning cable

So first, as the name suggest, this thing has FRICKIN’ LASERS in it. Well, LEDs anyway. Located near the tip (the end that goes into your phone) the bright LED light pulses RED when the phone is charging, and turns BLUE when it is fully charged, allowing you to know at a glance if your phone is juiced or not. This feature is both cool and sort of useless, but ultimately falls in the “fun” category. And who doesn’t want their Lightning cables to be FUN?! (Apple, that’s who!).

Well, if the LED lights didn’t grab you, perhaps the not-whiteness of the cable WILL. Yes, unlike Apple’s boring, 1980’s bachelor pad-inspired cables, the flatOUT comes in 4 flavors – black, pink, blue, and boring white if you are a purist.

Scosche flatOUT Lightning cable

OK, still not convinced? Well, the flatOUT’s got one more trick your regular Apple cable can’t do, and that’s be FLAT. The flat cable design has proven to be one of the most tangle-free designs a cable can enjoy, and I love my flat-cabled headphones for just that reason. You really have to WANT to tangle these cables for them to get tangled.

Finally, I like that the tip of the cable is pretty thin (not quite as thin as Apple’s, but thinner than many other 3rd party lightning cables) and it has fit in the charging port hole of every case I have used with it.

Scosche flatOUT Lightning cable


I love this cable, as much as you can love a cable, which isn’t a lot, but its more than my hatred of Apple’s cable. Actually, I only hate Apple’s cable when compared to this cable, sort of like how you love your kid, but then see a kid on the news who is raising money for charity or started their own business at the age of 12 and you’re like “Why can’t you be more like HIM?”

Anyway, the only issue I have with the flatOut is that it doesn’t make a great bed-time charging cable, since the LED is pretty bright when in a darkened room. But perhaps you need a nightlight or just want a cool blue light to sleep by. Also, right when the cable tops off your iPhone, it may flash back and forth from red to blue and back a bit as it tries to decide if it’s REALLY fully charged your phone.


Available in 4 colors, and 3 lengths (10inch, 3-foot, and 6-foot), the flatOUT™ LED Lightning by Scosche is a sturdy and “fun” cable to charge your iPhone or iPad with. And isn’t having fun what charging your phone is really all about?

6 Responses to “Review: flatOUT™ LED Lightning by Scosche (That’s right, I’m going to review a lightning cable.)”
  1. Rowlings says:

    I agree. I hate over achieving kids!
    Make us adults look bad too.

  2. Ladeekatt says:

    You’ll have to let us know if it holds up. My biggest pet peeve is when the wires begin to come out of the ends of the cord from minimal bending. This is especially bad when it comes to third party cords. Looks very cool though!

  3. Andrew says:

    I like the flat part but I don’t want any more extraneous lights around me. It’s like frick’n aliens took over all the worlds industrial design studios – those annoying LEDs are everywhere! It would be so awesome if there was a high quality ‘flat Lightning cable’ without the obnoxious bling, and and have it no more expensive than than Apple’s cable. It’s not going to be much fun having any new Lightning cables if Apple ditches them for USB-C cables on September 9th anyway.

  4. Carl Turner says:

    I heard recently that cables from other manufacturers may be too thin & not allow phone to fully charge. What of this ?;

  5. Vica says:

    Hi! Not sure if this happens to you but mine turns to blue even when it has charged to 80%. And when I touch the tip of the cable, it will change colour to red to blue to red to blue, as if it’s so fragile to touches. Does this happen to you too?

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