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Pretend you’re cool with the Leopard Server Blue Aurora Wallpaper

Not available in any stores! (Well, actually I guess it IS…) Deviant Art user jawnx108 has posted the default desktop background found in OS X Leopard Server 10.5 for all to download (we’re taking his word for it, as we don’t have Leopard Server handy). Now you can impress your friends by showing off your Leopard Server background on your regular old Client copy (so long as you first explain to them what it is). In our humble opinion, the Default Blue Aurora... Read More

Is Panther Apple’s most stable OS?

Last night, faithful Macenstein reader TheWarpedOne wrote us asking what to call that gray screen that appears when a Mac running OS X crashes – you know, the one that appears like a descending curtain, telling you in no uncertain terms (and in a half dozen languages) that you’re screwed, and now have to reboot your computer. He called it the Gray Screen of Death, an homage to Window’s Blue Screen of Death, but I knew there had to be an Apple Fanboy term for... Read More


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