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Day 2: iPhone still available at every Apple Store. Is this a good or bad sign?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

When Apple opened its online store for iPhone orders last night, they also added an area where you can check the availability of current iPhone stock at your nearest Apple Store. Given all the hype and line waiting surrounding the iPhone, this is a thoughtful gesture on Apple’s part to help iPhone hopefuls avoid making the trip only to walk away empty handed.

However, it seems that it might have been unnecessary. Just a day after the launch, EVERY Apple store in EVERY state claims to still have a healthy supply of iPhones in stock. Is this a good or bad sign for the iPhone’s launch? Well, it depends how the media wants to spin it.

On the one hand, given all the hype surrounding the iPhone, headlines could easily say “iPhone’s failure to launch: Unsold iPhones line store shelves“. However, that would be a bit dramatic.

I prefer to think of this from an optimistic Apple stockholder’s perspective. It appears to me that, unlike Sony’s infamous PS3 launch, Apple was prepared for the iPhone’s launch and had enough units on hand to last the weekend. Given all the news reports of fans lining up outside Apple Stores, it appears there was indeed a strong demand Friday and the fact that Apple still has iPhones available today means Apple will reap the maximum amount of monetary reward from the free publicity the launch has generated.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if a couple Apple stores ran out of iPhones by Monday, just to give the press something to talk about, but in reality, I think this is actually a great sign for Apple, and their bottom line.

11 Responses to “Day 2: iPhone still available at every Apple Store. Is this a good or bad sign?”
  1. Mitch says:

    It is definitely a good thing that there is a supply of iPhones still available. Apple created the iPhone with enough time left to actually build a lot of them.

    The only reason that running out would be good is to create demand for a hard to get item. Not a very good reason – the demand is already there.

    It’s nice to see a launch of a popular product that doesn’t leave people unable to spend their $$$.

    I still can’t find a Wii to buy!!!!

  2. Rick says:

    I know a lot of people who are waiting to see how real-world experience with the phone is. Based on today’s preliminary reports, I’d say they’ll be satisfied. I’m having a lot of trouble not going to get one myself, though I had said I woukld wait a year.

  3. Chad says:

    There’s no apple store in Bloomington, IN Just Indianapolis – about an hour away. There are however 3 AT&T Stores.. all of which were sold out of their stock by 7pm last night. (Granted.. they each only got 30… But this is still a small market..) They’ll be sold out by monday – id bet. A lot of people were probably avoiding the release lines..and planning to buy online. But articles like this will prompt people to just go to the store … 🙂

  4. Salil says:

    Though Apple’s web site does state if iPhone’s are available, it does not indicate which iPhone is available (i.e. 4G or 8G). In the San Francisco bay area, NO Apple stores have 8G iPhones (though Apple’s web site states they do have iPhones). Most Apple stores DO have plenty of 4G iPhones.

  5. widgetboy says:

    was at apple short hills today, not only did they have plenty to go around, they sold many, many of them today. people were waiting 2 deep just to hold them.

  6. MauiMac says:

    Its funny how some idiots are paying hundreds over the retail price, on ebay, for and iPhone when you can walk into any (as of now) Apple or att store and pick one up…

  7. iphonelover says:

    this isreal my first apple prodct ever and i love it . I am gonna be saving my money up for a imac soon. But there easy interface and the real web broswer , it just awsome, I was at the menlo mall they were paccked 3 deep i i think that apple has raised the bar higher notch .

  8. Anonymous says:

    anyone who has watched any of the video’s posted on the apple website showing the features of the iPhone or even the keynote for that matter wants one of these! I believe this will become one of if not the highest selling product apple has ever made!

  9. Jodeo says:

    As of 11:30PM EDT Saturday June 30, 25 Apple Stores show as being SOLD OUT! This thing is moving!

  10. Joe says:

    You can’t sell 10 million iPhones in a year if you don’t have them in the store to sell. Even my wife was impressed after 20 minutes of playing with the iPhone at the Apple store. Thats saying something. Have to wait until November for my 2 yr jail term with Verizon to expire before buying.
    The iPhone I was playing with was running on the edge system. Felt like being on dial up (remember that?) but still very usable.

  11. Catherine says:

    No, sillies! The iPhone didn’t sell out because people don’t like the AT&T racket! Who wants to be roped in to a crappy contract for two years? Any savings from the lower price is instantly vaporized by the AT&T contract.

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