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Trip down memory lane: Woz the car salesman

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

“It… is… AWESOME”. – Steve Wozniak

Long before he dreamed of dating Kathy Griffin, Steve Wozniak was bitten by the show-biz bug and agreed to appear in the 2nd best Datsun 280Z commercial ever.

For those of you wondering, below is the best Datsun 280Z commercial ever.

19 Responses to “Trip down memory lane: Woz the car salesman”
  1. Ric says:

    Is that kitsch or what??? What a ridiculous thing for these days… 😉

  2. Andreas says:

    Haha, that IS awesome! I didn’t know about this stunt of his.

  3. Anthony PIttarelli says:

    hilarious, i bet woz loves these old videos!

  4. Rowlings says:

    I wonder if Woz still has that car.

  5. Rowlings says:

    what kind of “sophisticated on-board computer” did that car have? We talking “KITT” from Knight Rider?

  6. Foodog says:

    It had climate control and an onboard computer that controlled the engine. By these days standards it did very little. The downside to the computer controlled-ness is no one fix the damn thing’s climate control.

  7. Steve says:

    “Long before he began dating Kathy Griffin…”

    At the age of five, I once told a story that took place a year earlier. I prefaced it with “when I was four”.

    And I sounded like a fucktard when I did it.

  8. Mitch says:

    Those were both great. Woz did a good job!

    The Black Gold commercial is AWESOME!

    Thanks for the laugh…

  9. bobby says:

    Hilarious…looks like its going to be a gerry curl commercial

  10. Not to nitpick, but as an owner of a 280Z, I just thought I’d correct you and say that the car in the commercial is a 280ZX. They look kind of similar, but it’s definitely where Datsun got away from the light and fun cars to drive to the bloated, gee-whiz gizmo heavy cars.

  11. Xenophon says:

    Christ, those cars were ugly! I didn’t realize it until I saw these clips. Check out those garish interiors. Blecccchhhh!

  12. Hey Brandon,

    Yeah, I heard in the Black Gold VO they mentioned it was an X, I just figured it was the 280Z series, so how different could they be? I guess computer nerds like myself should know that a small difference in model number can make a difference!

    -The Doc

  13. Roger Ebert says:

    Well, now we know where Ben Stiller got his character for Dodgeball from.

  14. fjackie says:

    I have a feeling nobody ever ‘dreamed’ od dating Kathy Griffin. At least not in the last 2 decades.

  15. Easier Money says:

    The black gold commericial is black gold for web bloggers, brings in a load of traffic 🙂 Great commercial and free advertising!

  16. Unclean says:

    Haha! Great commercials. I love the old 300ZX ones too, just like these but are 80’s style.

  17. modspell says:

    I recall quite well when this model was introduced. It was clear that the upsizing obsession had infected the Z. Heck, they even had to weight-down the name by adding a new letter–X. And was “X” supposed to be arousing? So many ’70s cars used that alpha euphemism. And true, the bigger car was a joyless cruiser.

  18. Daily Pimp says:

    Thanks for sharing, those were awesome.

  19. JMG says:

    Does he still have it? Nah…he just races around in his Prius now…

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