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iLife updates hint at new product offering?

Apple today released a slew of incremental updates for their iLife ’08 products. Aside from the usual bug fixes, we couldn’t help but notice the tantalizingly-named iLife Support. Is this the first hint that Apple Inc., recently freed from the bounds of its “Computer” nomenclature, is taking a step in the direction of continuing and end-of-life care? Would Apple really be so careless as to let slip an update for such a groundbreaking yet-to-be announced product?

While it would certainly be the fulfillment of a life-long dream for many an Apple fan-boy, let’s just hope they do a better job with quality assurance than we’ve seen of late rolling out iLife Support in our local ER. Might be worth using extra care around falling debris and sharp objects until they roll out Rev. 2.

5 Responses to “iLife updates hint at new product offering?”
  1. Frozo says:

    You’re joking I hope!

  2. R says:

    Methinks this could be a means of integrating their use for iPhone and friends somehow.

  3. Rogier says:

    Euuh I hope its the support needed for the much anticipated release of Aperture 2.0 !!!!

  4. Blogmaniac says:

    Just means that they have modularized the base digital media handling code and all interfaces are built on top of it – imovie dealing with movies, iphoto dealing with pictures etc. the algos for manipulating them is core – jpg compression vs mpg compression etc. – this is what I presume is part of the support bit. nothing new …

  5. Ummm, it’s a bunch of updates that are used across the board for iLife apps so as not to have to update the same stuff for each app.

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