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Back to the Mac Event: The Good The Bad, and the Meh

As with all big Apple events, I once again find people turning to me for my opinion on the announcements from Apple’s Back to the Mac Event. Honestly I can’t blame them, as my opinion is often the only correct one when it comes to such things. I seem to have the uncanny ability to cut through the hype with laser beam-like precision, and somehow categorize the day’s events into one of three categories: Good, Bad, and Meh. Here’s how the Back to the Mac... Read More

“Unknown face” my ass!

I totally know that guy. As much as I love this shot of iPhoto’s new “Faces” technology identifying a cookie dough blob as a face, it looks just a little too perfect for me. I mean, look at all the other dough balls… that chip placement is suspect, to say the least. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimmy Schapira for the tip!  Read More

iBleed for iLife

Obviously one of the most giving and noble things one can do is donate blood. After all, you are literally giving a piece of yourself to help your fellow man in his time of need. Of course, no one ever said I was noble. No, to get me to part with my precious O-Negative, I needed a little something extra to sweeten the deal, and that something came in the form of a $20 gift certificate to Best Buy. Yes, thanks to the generosity of the folks inside the blood mobile (parked at... Read More

iWork and iLife ’09 to share the spotlight Tuesday?

Well, despite Apple’s invite making it very clear that the “focus would be on notebooks” at Tuesday’s special event, word is now trickling out that we may be seeing some token updates to both the iLife and iWork suites. Mac Soda, the same folks who brought us the nVidia graphics card in the new MacBooks rumors claims to have knowledge of a joint notebooks/iApps announcement set for Tuesday. I’m not a big fan of joint special announcements outside... Read More

iPhoto books, calendars and cards are now available in Australia and New Zealand

Until now there has been very little photographic evidence that the mythical continent of Australia even exists, outside of this Energizer commercial featuring Jacko. However all that changed today when Apple released iPhoto 7.1.2 . Faithful Macenstein reader Brian McKenzie alerts us that for the first time, iPhoto books, calendars and cards are now available in Australia and New Zealand.  Read More

iLife updates hint at new product offering?

Apple today released a slew of incremental updates for their iLife ’08 products. Aside from the usual bug fixes, we couldn’t help but notice the tantalizingly-named iLife Support. Is this the first hint that Apple Inc., recently freed from the bounds of its “Computer” nomenclature, is taking a step in the direction of continuing and end-of-life care? Would Apple really be so careless as to let slip an update for such a groundbreaking yet-to-be announced... Read More


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