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Porting the iPhone GUI to the Archos 605 Wifi

As anyone who has ever ripped someone off and been caught will tell you, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So the boys in Cupertino should feel pretty good about themselves right about now.

Above: olidiams apparently knows quite a bit more about programming than he does about “white balance”.

iTrafik reports that over in the Archos forums (which you might think would be the last bastion of Archos-pride), member olidiams has gone through the trouble of porting the iPhone’s iconic interface to the clunky 605 WiFi. Well, visually, at least. It’s not quite clear how seamlessly the user experience mimics the iPhone’s (we’re guessing “not very”) but the the new face lift certainly is an improvement over the 605’s shipping one.

(What are the odds there is an iPhone user right now trying frantically to port over the Archos 605’s interface to the iPhone?)

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Phil McKraken for the link!

6 Responses to “Porting the iPhone GUI to the Archos 605 Wifi”
  1. Phil McKraken says:

    No problem. Love the redesign, btw!

  2. Karthik says:

    Cant anyone see that it is not the Iphone UI but just a flash SWF file viewed on the Opera browser !! Guyz its just an illusion created to confuse you ppl !!


  3. Duh says:

    Its a fake. Look at the “Menu” button in the corner. Hes just displaying a picture. Its a screenshot of an ipod touch. He loaded it up on the 605.

  4. jd says:

    First, the 605 is not a phone, but…Regardless of the UI, the 605 is a superior piece of hardware to the iPhone with so much more capabilities. The 605 is essentially a mini-tablet PC with support for way more apps and media, whereas the iPhone is a glorified MP3 player with cell phone ability, which just makes you look cool when you whip it out in the conference room 🙂

  5. Sander says:

    Like it!

  6. rob says:

    u guys r all stupid he just set the thing as a wallpaper you can steel see the archos top bar and menu button lol this guy is dum,

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