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“Video out” coming to iPhone!

We’re not sure why no one is making a bigger deal about this, but it appears that one of the major omissions from Apple’s iPhone may be getting rectified in an upcoming firmware release – namely, video out!

While browsing Engadget’s O2 event gallery, faithful Macenstein reader Wemberly noticed that the UK iPhone’s “iPod” settings list a host of new video preferences, such as support for closed captioning and setting whether a video resumes playing from where you left off or starts from the beginning. But just under that is a TV OUT section, with settings for format (NTSC is shown for some reason, but presumably you can change that) and aspect ratios.

Assuming this pans out, it makes you wonder just how many other “seemingly hardware”-based changes Apple can make to the iPhone via software updates (video camera?).

One Response to ““Video out” coming to iPhone!”
  1. Nathaniel says:

    I should hope you can change it, NTSC wouldn’t be very useful over there 🙂

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