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Where’s “music menu selection memory” in the new mobile OS X?

Faithful Macenstein reader Justin writes:

Figured I would go to you because…
a> Macenstein rocks…

(Always a good way to start a letter to us)

b> You’ve submitted articles about a Leopard question I had before.

Anyway, iPhone/iPod Touch question… where the hell is music menu selection memory in the new mobile OS X interface? Remember on your old iPod, if you selected something, a song or album (even items in the settings menu) and went to another part of your iPod, you could return down the same menu path as you had previously? Each menu would start on the item that you had previously been on? This is a huge feature that definitely wasn’t brought over…

The only sort of memory they have for music is the “Now Playing” item… which doesn’t help much when Music crashes because your doing too much stuff in MobileSafari.

Anyway, love the site, keep it up… Thanks,

See how Justin brings his question full circle by kissing our ass in both its opening AND closing? I think we can all learn a lot from Justin.

As for his question, yes, Justin, you’re right. We also noticed that selection memory was lacking in the iPhone, and figured it was just one of those quirky things that makes an iPhone so lovable. It seemed like something simple that common sense suggested would be updated soon. However, now that we’ve gotten a bona fide “feature-packed” iPhone update from Apple and it is still missing, this seems kind of odd.

We could kind of buy iPod functions working differently on the iPhone (such as the way for no reason Apple changed it so none of the standard video out via dock cables seem to work, requiring we pay for new ones), but not on the iPod touch. After all, that still is by design a music player, and should behave exactly like a regular iPod, but with a touch screen.

The removal of music menu selection memory has no discernible benefits for the end user, so we say, bring it back Apple. If not for us, then for Justin.

3 Responses to “Where’s “music menu selection memory” in the new mobile OS X?”
  1. Justin says:

    Hahahha… nice one on the ass kissing, touche my good man! 😉

  2. artman1033 says:

    Mackenstein ROCKS!!!

    Speaking of the ipod touch…….Amazon now has the ipod touch live….They say it is shipping in one to two months….HEHEHE

    Youse guys do a nice job…

    P.S. that WI-fire is sweet!

  3. Paul Walker says:

    Given the far more efficient selection interface, i don’t think menu memory is needed – It takes about 2-4 seconds to get to any artist/album… whereas the scroll-wheel based iPods need a lot longer to go to the other side of the list. On the iPhone – I think it’d be a disadvantage – as it takes time to work out where you are in the list (not long, but long enough) – and can be especially annoying after a long time of not using a menu… (actually – the optimal way to set out the list would probably be to start in the middle of the list (usually in the Ms) – and duplicate the current item in between the two middle items, so one can easily select the previous item, and then also only need to scroll half the list (at most) each time. It might be confusing for the uninitiated though)

    (BTW – awesome that you use reCaptcha)

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