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Now even ugly people can use Leopard’s iChat

Now ugly “facially challenged” people have TWO new visage-obscuring iChat themes to choose from that will allow them to communicate with the outside world! forum member Zneo11 has created a brilliant theme compatible with Leopard’s iChat called “iPod Person”. As the name (and photos imply), “iPod Person” allows you to look like (if not dance like) those wacky iPod people we’ve all grown to know and tolerate. (And yes, the background colors change automatically!).

And, it looks like Zneo11 isn’t the only having fun with the new iChat this weekend, as fellow MacRumors member elbows was able to create the missing iChat Star Wars hologram effect as well.

Installing these themes is easy, just unzip them into your /Library/Compositions/ directory and you’re good to go. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader The Hendry for the tip!

2 Responses to “Now even ugly people can use Leopard’s iChat”
  1. John says:

    Now this is the kind of stuff I like to see. The whole replaceable background effect in iChat is cool, but the supplied stuff is kinda weak. These to effects alone make it something I’m willing to try. Seriously, who cares about looking like your in a fish tank? OK, yeah, my nieces would like that and probably get a good laugh out of it. But I’m an adult, I need cooler toys. Or is it geekier toys? I can never remember…

  2. John says:

    Oops, sorry about the “to” instead of “two” and the “your” instead of “you’re”. I’m so excited to try this my grammar skills have apparently been pushed to the side (temporarily).

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