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Leopard fixes iCal’s icon

I’ve been running Leopard now for about 5 days, and until just now I really couldn’t come up with a good reason to recommend anyone rush out to upgrade to the latest OS. However, thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Bilbo, I feel confident Leopard is worth all of its 12,900 cents. Why? Well, notice anything different about this picture?

That’s right! Bilbo pointed us to a posting over at as 2sentencesorless.com where they were astute enough to notice that Apple has finally listened to our daily feature requests, and fixed iCal’s icon to display the current date in the dock! (It still displays “July 17th” in the Applications folder). I feel ashamed that I did not pick up on that one myself, as, as I said, I pretty much sent Apple a daily feature request on that one.

So yes, thanks to iCal, Leopard actually IS worth $129, and application compatibility be damned, I suggest you rush out and upgrade today.

(Now, who wants to take bets on how long it’ll takes for some old school Tiger fan to hack the icon back to July 17th?)

13 Responses to “Leopard fixes iCal’s icon”
  1. Richard says:

    Im sorry if I dont find this groundbreaking news, as its been a discussed ‘feature’ of leopard for a while now.

    love the site though 🙂

  2. Luke says:

    Ahem! I’m still on 10.4 and my date shows up correct as long as iCal is running – as yours obviously is by your screenshot – so am I missing something? Or maybe it shows the correct date when it’s not running? In which case you should change your screenshot to avoid stupid comments like mine.

  3. The image you posted is confusing, as it shows iCal when running – when running it used to show the current date anyway, even in previous versions.. 🙂

    (Just playing my role as a Tiger geek..)

  4. Sorry about that fellas! Just further proof that we here at Macenstein suck.

    Pic updated, and thanks for doing our QC for us!

    -The Doc

  5. Bill says:

    I’m headed to the Apple store RIGHT NOW!!!
    Feets don’t fails me now!

  6. alenm88 says:

    this is old, we have known this for ages

  7. Dave says:

    For me, the ability to unsubscribe from IMAP folders is worth the price of Leopard. I’ve been bitching to Apple about this since 10.0. I’d prefer the people running the mail service at work had a frakking clue, but I’ll take unsubscribe from the ginormous collection of 2-year-old meeting notices and other worthless crap in the “Public Folders” (which aren’t all public).

  8. I came here looking for other reports about iCal 3’s slowness. Found this cute but irrelavent comment. iCal 3 is a disaster for 3rd party compatibility. Simple AppleEvent calls are taking nearly 20 times longer in Leopard than in Tiger. Combined exponentially this makes any application that interacts with iCal practically hang it. Apple also hasn’t made it easier to access repeating events, which has long been a complaint.

  9. Paul Weier says:

    Hmmm…interesting. It isn’t Correct Date (TM) all the time.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    Is it just because of Daylight Savings Time somehow?

  10. Erwin says:

    Today (Nov 12) my iCal icon in the dock displays yesterday’s dat (Nov 11). If I open iCal, the icon displays Nov 12, but as soon as I close it, yesterday’s date appears again!

  11. Arjan says:

    My icon was one day behind today (showing Dec 14 in the dock, 15 while running, and then 14 again after quitting iCal.app). Changing the date-time preferences like someone suggested did not work for me, but a “killall Dock” did solve the issue.

  12. dave says:

    im running leopard, and recently i have noticed that ical is a day behind (when not running).
    thanks Arjan, for the killall Dock. Thats fixed it (for today anyway)

  13. Damon says:

    Of course, its broken again in Snow Leopard. 🙁

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