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Italian Spiderman Trailer

Every once in awhile, something so amazingly awesome comes around that even though it has nothing to do with the Mac, I feel obligated to share it with you. Italian Spiderman Trailer is just such a thing. Enjoy.

10 Responses to “Italian Spiderman Trailer”
  1. Brethil says:

    Being italian, may I ask why do you find his video funny? It doesn’t even make any sense (they are saying random italian words)

  2. Brethil, thanks for reading Macenstein,

    What can I say? As an Italian-American, I find this hysterical.

    -The Doc

  3. Toothy says:

    Best Movie Trailer I have seen in a long time, I will probably just wait until it comes out on DVD though….

  4. Rowlings says:

    I CAN’T wait. Booking ticket to Italy as we speak…

  5. Trick says:

    Actually, the Italian is good. I only watched half of it, but it’s real Italian. It was “only one man can [handle] things like this.” Then the two guys say, “Hey, nice melons!” to the girl. Then Spiderman tells them to respect women, then punches the girl and tells her to make him a macchiato. Dumb and definitely not PC toward Italians, but kind of funny I guess…

  6. Adam says:

    Amazing! Thanks for posting that, sending to all my friends now (linking them directly to Macenstein 🙂 If this wont convert them from PCs nothing will!

  7. Brethil says:

    @Trick : I don’t find this offensive, though the italian is definitely not ok.
    For example he says “solo uno uomo risolvere questa cosa”: this is totally wrong.
    I can’t understand what the others say either tough I live and I’ve always lived in italy and italian is my main language

  8. miller says:

    Your Trippin

  9. Frank says:

    They’re trying to speak Italian, but the accent is horrible and the grammar is worse. They didn’t conjugate one verb. It was all infinitives, which, in English, would be like saying “I to play soccer, I to go to the store, and I to like my computer,” instead of “I play soccer, I go to the store, and I like my computer.”

  10. Richard says:

    ok, this was all done as a joke and i find it quite funny, but did anyone watch the ‘Japanese Spiderman’ intro that was linked to it, now this was a REAL show, since when does Spiderman need a giant spaceship that turns into a robot???

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