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Newton MoDeminos

Following our recent hard-hitting, 60 Minutes-esque exposé on the use of expensive electronics as dominoes in advertising, we have now come across a bit of Apple history in the form of the first known “iPod-sized electronic device ” domino footage, and it looks like Apple may once again be able to lay claim to the coveted title of Innovator That Everyone Else Copies.

“On a slow day in 1996 the members of Apple’s Newton team found a creative use for about 4000 “surplus” Newton modems. ” (We’re just wondering when there was a fast day for the Newton team…)

Now, be warned, this video was apparently shot largely by engineers, not filmmakers, so the video is far too long, has way too many gratuitous DVE transitions, and quite frankly, ugly people – but still, it is a rare glimpse into the shenanigans going on at Apple while Steve was absent as CEO. Odds are everyone in this video lost their jobs in 1997.

2 Responses to “Newton MoDeminos”
  1. Rowlings says:

    If you had told me that was shot in 1979 I would have believed it. There are some REAL fashion plates there. Mustaches, mousey hair, bad clothes… Does Apple ever let their engineers out into the real world?

  2. Too many “gratuitous” cheap shots, dude. These people are still around, still working in the industry, still dedicated Mac users. How does “ugly” have anything to do with the modems (which is the subject of your entry, no?) If you met any of them today at a conference, would you tell them you saw the old modem video and “boy, were they ugly”?

    Cool subject.

    Uncool sniping.

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