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Seeing double in Mail

Faithful Macenstein reader Brian, inspired by our recent “double your fun” Aperture glitch wrote in with his own weird Leopard issue, this time a problem with Mail 3.

I saw the post about the Aperture/Desktop glitch and the double up of the Aperture Library reminded me of a glitch I’ve had in Mail 3 in Leopard.

When I imported archived mailboxes from my Tiger backup into Leopard Mail after a clean install I got two of everything.

If I deleted one mailbox both would disappear.

After getting pissed off and trying different things I have just learned to live with the double vision until it hopefully gets fixed in an update.

By the way: Fantastic site. Thanks.



Thanks Brian, we agree, our site is awesome. As for your Mail glitch, that is very strange behavior indeed, especially that both folders disappear when deleting one. I would suggest, however, filing a bug report with Apple instead of merely learning to live with it.

One odd thing I noticed in looking into your problem is that if you select Mail from Apple’s “Browse Support” dropdown of all their products, Apple’s current mail documentation is entitled “Using Mac OS X Mail: Mac OS X Panther support“. Yikes.

Personally, I do not import mailboxes in the Mail app when migrating OS’s/Computers, I simply manually copy over Tiger’s ~/Library/Mail and ~/Library/Preferences folders into the same locations in Leopard. You might want to try that in the meantime.

Anyway, hopefully 10.5.1 is just ’round the corner, and hopefully Apple is aware of this problem.

-The Doc

6 Responses to “Seeing double in Mail”
  1. Ivan says:

    Search the Apple Support site but I remember seeing that if you drag one of them to a new location above the old one (like the top or trash) it will disappear when you drag it back.

  2. pabugeater says:

    This is not new to Leopard, it happens in Tiger too.

  3. slyskyspy says:

    Hey I got the same problem. I moved it to the top then I moved it again to his original position and it has been gone for good!! 😉

  4. I found it happened to me on several Macs after the 10.5 upgrade. All I did to fix it was drag the On My Mac lists together and they went away. Specifically I dragged the bottom list to the top list and it merged together.


  5. Brian says:

    Tried moving one to a different place in the sidebar but it would not live anywhere outside its current place. Also, In the past I’ve just moved the entire Mail folder over from my Library Backup but didn’t this time as I thought there might be some issues with Leopard and being a new version of mail as well. That’s why I did a clean install as well.

  6. Brian says:

    Well I tried again and this time I dragged up past the MAILBOXES heading and it disappeared. Thanks guys 🙂

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