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Updated Airport Extreme Base Station at Macworld?

Faithful UK Macenstein reader Steven Haskayne alerts us that the Airport Extreme base station is marked “no longer available” on the UK Apple store under the “ready to ship” date. “With Macworld looming do you think that this could be a sign?” asks Stephen. “Surely if it was out of stock it would just say that?“.

Hmm Steven. We agree the wording does seem a little “final”. However, the US store still shows a 24-hour ship time (and free shipping). The Airport Extreme was last updated in August, 2007. What say you?

5 Responses to “Updated Airport Extreme Base Station at Macworld?”
  1. MacMuffin says:

    i don’t know what features they could add at this point, but i’d just be happy to see the current ones work better.

  2. ValkRaider says:

    Wouldn’t just be smarter to get the current ones working correctly?


  3. Constable Odo says:

    One more port maybe? How about in different colors? An antenna or two?

    I don’t think it’s the current Airport Extreme Base Station that is the problem with WiFi problems. I think it’s the updater in the computer System software that’s causing problems. I used to get a really good signal on my MacBook Pro but then somewhere around 10.4.8 or so the signal became weak.

  4. SHRIKEE says:

    In the dutch store its in stock and ready to ship and deliver in 2 days.
    It’s probably just out of stock.

    Also thing about this, the basestation just got updated and i dont see how anything usefull could be added at this point other than a new OS.

  5. finster says:

    Wierd. You’re right, not available implies they don’t know when or if they will be getting more. I have seen some items listed with 7-14 days ship times. Odd that the AP would be longer than that and Aple wouldn’t know when new shipments will arrive.

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