AirPort - Macenstein

Updated Airport Extreme Base Station at Macworld?

Faithful UK Macenstein reader Steven Haskayne alerts us that the Airport Extreme base station is marked “no longer available” on the UK Apple store under the “ready to ship” date. “With Macworld looming do you think that this could be a sign?” asks Stephen. “Surely if it was out of stock it would just say that?“. Hmm Steven. We agree the wording does seem a little “final”. However, the US store still shows a 24-hour... Read More

No Time Machine for AEBS disks?

Apple’s new list of the 300 + new features in Leopard is indeed causing us to look at 10.5 as a more important update than we initially thought. However, it seems that while many new features have been added, one may have been taken away. Faithful Macenstein reader (and disappointed AirPort Extreme Base Station user) Deej writes: “I was looking in the AirPort Discussion boards on Apple’s site, and noticed something which I think you’re reader should know... Read More


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