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Inspired by our last post about the history of (and more importantly, the first comment on it) we decided to take a more thorough trip down memory lane. Behold “A life in Pictures”.

(iPhone users click here to watch the video)

Yeah, it’s a bit light on the ancient stuff, but don’t blame us, blame flickr user Kernel Panic, from whom we stole all the images. Maybe if he wasn’t so lazy, we’d have a true time capsule. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Xavier for the idea.

15 Responses to “ A life remembered”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Nice choice of music. I felt like I was at my highschool graduation!

  2. airfang says:

    great mix! no more to comment

  3. Rowlings says:

    Man, I love Apple and all, but those iMacs and iBooks really did look like toys. Or candy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “this video does not currently support iPhone

  5. patrick says:

    yep no iPhone support for me either

  6. Biff says:

    Hey! you forgot the crack head “should’a bought a Mac” chick.

  7. tom lee says:

    Give me a break! This is just recent history. I wrote my first book on a MacPlus in the late 80’s. It had one Meg of RAM so each chapter was on a separate floppy. But at the time it was miracle machine. I ran that sucker until the next Mac box came out and I am typing this on an eMac. I’ll have to talk to my wife about Leopard and the Time Machine…

  8. Hey Tom,
    Yeah, well this is really a retrospective of, not APPLE, so we went back as far as we could. The WayBack Machine doesn’t go to back ARPANET.


    -The Doc

  9. Macccccc says:

    Awful music – can you say DATED?

  10. Mccccc, that was kind of the point.
    Did you want “Time of your life” by Green Day?
    -The Doc

  11. Sonyc says:

    Kernel Panic is a Mac journalist well know by the french community of Mac users. He worked for the french version of MacWorld before becoming an employee of MacGeneration (french emanation of MacNN).

  12. tom lee says:


    Got it. Thanks.

  13. Richard says:

    Nice video but I have to agree with tom lee that this is literally yesterday. Now, if you want to talk yesteryear …
    I started with a 128K (remember the quadruple swap of single-sided disks to make copies?) and passed through a Classic II (wow! system 7) on my way to a Beige G3 tower. It’s now a G4 running Panther, but that’s another story. Hard to be a geezer when the Mac is only a little over 20 years old, but that’s life.

  14. fjslwowo says:

    Great collection of pics but the slide show goes by too fast to enjoy them.

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