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Microsoft updates its sad, sad Mactopia site

Microsoft’s ironically named “Mactopia” site has been looking pretty sad lately. It seems that each year Microsoft drops Mac support for one more of its products, and the “Mac” + “Utopia” naming scheme has become something of a sad joke. Aside from the never-been-downloaded Messenger 6 for Mac, all that’s left in this “Mactopia” is the soon-to-be-released Office 2008. However, Microsoft must figure using Office is close enough to paradise for Mac users, as they’ve decided not only to not kill off the Mactopia site, but to slap a fresh coat of paint on it as well.

Actually, I shouldn’t paint such a bleak picture of Microsoft’s commitment to the Mac. After all, since discontinuing Mac support for Windows Media Player, they now provide a link to Flip4Mac’s 3rd party WMV plug-in for QuickTime. So odds are in 2 years when Microsoft pulls Office from the Mac platform, Mactopia will put up a helpful link to Open Office.

4 Responses to “Microsoft updates its sad, sad Mactopia site”
  1. Andrew says:

    Or a link to iWork ’10

  2. D9 says:


    As Billy Preston sang… nothing from nothing is nothing

  3. Juan Carlos de Burbon says:

    Putting lipstick on a pig.

  4. Antonio says:

    Seems like their only saving grace is supporting Flip4Mac, but I think thats a bit of riding on the laurels of another company’s great product.

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