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Video: Is this how the MacBook’s multi-touch track pad will work?

Elantech demoed their new multi-touch laptop trackpad this week at CES, and it seems to function quite a bit like the much-rumored multi-touch MacBook’s trackpad is supposed to. Although Elantech’s pad is much smaller than the one many Apple fanboys have mocked-up, functionally, it behaves very similarly to the iPhone – with pinch zoom in/out movements. One cool new feature is a full rotate, accomplished using 2 hands.

While the wide track pad in the Apple mock-ups looked a bit odd, you can see a standard trackpad begins to look quite cramped when trying to accomplish screen navigation.
(Via Engadget)

4 Responses to “Video: Is this how the MacBook’s multi-touch track pad will work?”
  1. Robert B says:

    Elantech should expect to hear from Apple’s lawyers. Their multi-touch pad action is a clear violation of Apple’s patents.

  2. Lucky says:

    I hope not 😛 Looks crappy. No animation, no nothing.

  3. R says:

    Pawing at a trackpad is not very useful. And did anyone notice the anti-pinch, an entirely awkward and unnatural move to resize an object? Hey look, everyone– I can make technology do things no one does! [insert YAY here]

  4. Friendly Stranger says:

    Nope, you should look here

    This is the company Apple bought several years ago…most all of their multitouch capabilities will come from its acquired technology.

    FYI, I have 6 of various FingerWorks products and am typing/gesturing this on a MacinTouch keyboard replacement for the PBG4! Good Stuff, But it will be interesting to see how it will be Apple-ized.

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