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Video: SSD vs HDD speed tests

With all this talk about SDD drives, 50leaves found a pretty cool piece of propaganda video Samsung put together showing the benefits of using the rather pricey SSD drives (like the optional one in the new MacBook Air) over conventional hard drives.

In many tests the SSD drive is nearly twice as fast at performing certain functions.

It will be interesting to see real-world Macbook Air benchmarks from users who sprung the extra $1000 for the SSD option in the coming weeks. Until then, we will have to be content to once again watch Engadget’s Ryan Block’s video of a hacked SSD drive in a MacBook Pro while we look for a spare $3000.

3 Responses to “Video: SSD vs HDD speed tests”
  1. Daniel says:

    Pretty nice. But what about the write speed? Cool if I can open a picture faster in photoshop by using ssd. But what if I want to save a picture (about 50 megs)?

  2. Lapo says:

    Hum… Opening, working on and saving a 50 Mo picture with a notebook? Sounds like you want to cross the ocean with an Optimist…

  3. Colin says:

    hmm interesting. It’s be even better if this was Mac OS X in the test. It’s interesting to note that there is a 16 second descreprency between Vista booting off a SSD vs Mac OS X booting off of a SSD. We probably have apple to thank for that in creating launchd which speeds up Mac OS X’s boot process. Although it’ll be difficult to tell until someone can get a MacBook Air and do a definitive test.

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