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Write a caption, win a prize

“Where all the white women at?”

Think you’re funny enough to be the next Margaret Cho? Well, now’s your chance to prove it to the world. Write your best caption for the above photo of what we assume are 3 German rocket scientists enjoying a day at the pool, and if we think it’s the funniest, we’ll send you off a $25 iTunes gift certificate.

Leave your caption in the comments below. The contest is open to everyone, anywhere, and runs until Monday (Jan 14th) at 9PM EST. You can enter more than once if you are feeling “Carrot Top“-prolific. Good luck.

(image from APTGETUPDATE)

[UPDATE: We have a winner! The winning caption was “Where all the white women at?”, sent in by Brian. Yes, it was the stupidest, and had the least to do with the actual picture, but it was the one that made pretty much everyone here laugh out loud. Perhaps our being big Blazing Saddles fans helped influence the decision, but what can we say? We’re immature idiots here, and funny is funny.

So congrats, Brian. Assuming you used a valid e-mail address, your gift certificate is on its way! We’d like to thank everyone who sent in a caption, and we had fun with this, so we’ll see if we can’t make this a regular contest here. If you have a suggestion for an amusing photo that needs a caption, please send it to us.]

60 Responses to “Write a caption, win a prize”
  1. Fishd says:

    “Ok, I think the Nobel prize is out… but we might have a shot at this Darwin thingy”

  2. Heinrich – Dieter, is your groin tingling like mein is?

    Dieter – Ya, und mein treasure-trail is SHMOKING!!!

  3. Cameron says:

    The South Atlantic Double-Headed Electric Shark is as rare as it is deadly, yet these quaint Germans have captured this majestic king of the southern Atlantic and used him as a power source. Unbeknownst to them, they are in grave and mortal danger. For this prince of the seas they have captured and tortured has a deadly trait: a spot-on Pauly Shore imitation. It’s a researched FACT Germans can’t stand Pauly Shore.

  4. Russ says:

    Careful, careful, nobody move…..the beer is too close to the grill.

  5. Korb says:

    “Gehrhard, this setup could be dangerous – what if the beer falls into the water!?”

  6. Cameron says:

    Oh, whatever! We’re GERMANS we’re so friggin tough, we can HANDLE a little elect—

  7. Jon says:

    Alcohol – the key to innovation.

  8. HutchTech says:

    “Boiled whitefish! Yumm!”

  9. HutchTech says:

    Farmers tan spray-on: $25
    Sandals: $15
    Inflatable Pool: $199
    Good Beer: $50
    Basic Ignorance of Electrical Principles: Priceless

  10. Michael says:

    I see Germans, I see Sandals, but I do not see Socks?

  11. Jason says:

    I was thinking about testing my floating point theory on electrical charge…

  12. Jason says:

    When it came to the 2008 Darwin awards, these guys are a shoe in

  13. Jason says:

    well at least the first power strip is gounded

  14. Jason says:

    Without their normal German Beer life just wasn’t worth living anymore

  15. Ari Grant says:

    Rub a Dumb Dub, Three Men in a Tub

  16. Dave says:

    I still don’t understand why we lost the war….

  17. Diego Souto says:

    ” – Dude are you sure this set up is safe????

    — Dude just look at the statics how many case of people getting electrecute in their Niece plastic plastic pool, by a eletric grill who fell into the water???

    – I Guess none.

    — See totally safe”

  18. Chris says:

    No, really. This is going to work.

  19. ericole says:

    9 is good – I vote for 9. BUT, I am so tired of that marketing from the company who brought it to the world. Can’t they come up with something else?

  20. Bride of Macenstein says:

    “Just wait until the chicks get here. We’re sure to get laid now!”

  21. Jonro says:

    Yes, this was my wife’s idea. How did you know?

  22. Rowlings says:

    This is what happens when bored Germans have nothing to invade.

  23. KeithParman says:

    Dude, We’re gettin’ a Dell!

  24. Alien Cole says:

    Hey Ivan, pass me my sandals I need to pee.

  25. Dave-O says:


  26. alireza says:

    Bill gates >>>>

  27. Van Souza says:

    Two minutes to toasted bagel happiness; you did bring the cream cheese, yes?

  28. atomic jo says:

    “Minutes before the Great Berlin Blackout of ’91”

  29. Patrick says:

    “Well, Mein Herr, you know what they say about people with big feet…”

  30. isserley says:

    Vorsprung durch Technik.

  31. Psi says:

    Dieter, if you lean on that edge any longer we’ll be out of water.

  32. Matty says:

    Crocs….. gotta love ’em

  33. Psi says:

    How do you like our new faux tiles. Think the BBQ table will tear them?

  34. Snorri says:

    “Now we won’t have to leave ’till monday!”

  35. Yonghwee says:

    We need more tape.

  36. SoulScreme says:

    “The iPool features a table, grill, and fully functional pool. Sadly, it won’t be until the next generation that they work out the electrocution issues.”

  37. soob says:

    Hold my beer and watch this!

  38. brian says:

    natural selection.

  39. Brian says:

    where all the white women at?

  40. Brian says:

    on the set of “the real world: chernobyl”

  41. howdytrav says:

    Natural Selection

  42. Zhivago says:

    Ach du lieber! Isn’t it amazing how Karl’s feet turned around like that when the voltage hit him?

  43. Zhivago says:

    Mein Gott! It’s amazing how Karl’s feet spun around like that when the voltage hit him!

  44. PocketUp says:

    Introducing the George Foreman Aqua 2000

  45. Alexandre says:

    Two white guys ready to be toasted!

  46. Steve says:

    Ok Margaret, flip the switch.

  47. Eric says:

    Actually we’re smarter than we look: we filled the pool with mineral oil. We chose it for its insulating properties, but it turned out to have other benefits…

  48. Matty says:

    HEY STOP, LOOKOUT, that’s my beer you’re picking up!

  49. Turk says:

    As an out of work sandal salesman Hanz was looking for a way out

  50. Turk says:

    now those pesky dogs will never get to our hamburgers

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