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AT&T site recommends using iPhone on 3G network

Are you sick of all our iPhone/3G speculation? Well, tough. But this one’s quick.

W3Prodigy noticed an interesting paragraph on AT&T’s iPhone site:

Data Access

In order to use data such as email, Google Maps, YouTube videos and web browsing, AT&T recommends using iPhone in a 3G or EDGE Network, or from a local Wi-Fi connection.

I knew there was something fishy about those new iPhones!

3 Responses to “AT&T site recommends using iPhone on 3G network”
  1. JB Photos says:

    Does that mean the new ones have the 3G chip sets in them????? hmm…..

  2. Peter says:

    Okay, now you’re being silly.

    If you look at AT&T’s coverage maps, you’ll see that they have HSDPA (3G) and EDGE networks. Trust me, there are people who are clueless enough to look at those maps and say, “Oh, my phone has EDGE, so it won’t work with HSDPA.”

    So AT&T mentions them both because the iPhone will work with both. It just won’t take advantage of the greater speed.

  3. Peter, while personally I feel it is a lazy web developer cutting and pasting from a different phone’s description more than a hint at anything salacious, I think your explanation is a little off. While the two networks (3G and EDGE) overlap, it is not that the iPhone “works” on 3G at a slower speed, it works on EDGE 24/7. EDGE works everywhere AT&T has service, 3G works in cities, more or less at the moment. So while in theory anywhere 3G works an iPhone would work, it is only because EDGE is in all areas that 3G is provided.
    So it is odd it would be mentioned along with 3G, no matter the case.
    -The Doc

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