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Guy Kawasaki Stole My Favicon

Faithful Macenstein reader meggert pointed us to a site that he points out is notable for 2 reasons. Behold Guy Kawasaki’s new site

Above: the alltell Mac favicon seems somewhat familiar…

First, as meggert points out, their favicon seems awfully familiar. But more importantly, there is a glaring omission from their aggregator sites… namely, As they say, if you’re gonna f$%@ us, at least kiss us.


Yes, we know it is not the most unique of favicons, but what are the odds the favicon of their Mac site (apparently launched last week) would be the same as that of another Mac site as insanely popular as our own? We’ve had our graphics ripped off before, by other Mac sites, which is odd, as we don’t consider our “Zune-brown” site to be the most stylish, but I guess some folks do. Thanks for the heads up, meggert. Even WE don’t pay attention to things like favicons!

6 Responses to “Guy Kawasaki Stole My Favicon”
  1. Christopher says:

    Strangely, enough, according to TidBits ( the site is being run buy Guy Kawasaki ( who I’m sure you know is a pretty notable Apple guy.

  2. Thanks Christopher,
    Story titled changed to reflect that. Odds are it’s a coincidence then, as Guy is beyond reproach, but still, funny as hell.
    -The Doc

  3. Guy Kawasaki says:

    We’ll change the favicon. It’s hard to steal something that until now I didn’t know existed. Nor to add you to the feeds when I didn’t know this site existed. We’ll add this site.


  4. Thanks Guy,
    We don’t really care, just thought it was funny.
    Just like your joke of never having heard of us!
    Good one. I mean, c’mon, we all know Macenstein is most people’s start page, just after Google.

    -The Doc

  5. TheCos says:

    Guy responded pretty quick.

  6. Wait, Guy Kawasaki didn’t know about Macenstein? I thought he was plugged-in to the Macintosh community… I was rather expecting an, “oh, our bad, we left it in there from pre-release by accident,” but not something to dilute street cred.

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