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Put down the Halo 3 kids, “Dark Castle” about to “Return”

Many of you may not have even been born in 1986, but if you’re a longtime Mac user capable of voting, odds are you remember the original Dark Castle. The game was notable for its sense of humor, unlockable extras, easter eggs, and its unique use of sound effects. A sequel, Beyond Dark Castle was released the following year, and improved on the gameplay while maintaining the fun flavor of the original.

Now, 21 years later, comes the third installment of the series, Return to Dark Castle, and if the newly released teaser trailer below is any indication, the over all feel of the game is very much like the original. In fact, it might be more fun to die in the game than to win it.

It seems like the Dark Castle naming scheme is mirroring a fellow classic game series – Zork. We expect Dark Castle: Zero and Dark Castle: Grand Inquisitor to come out next. Pricing has not yet been announced, but we’re told the game has been sent to the production company for digital distribution, so it should be available soon.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Christopher for the tip.

4 Responses to “Put down the Halo 3 kids, “Dark Castle” about to “Return””
  1. franky says:

    OK, Dark Castle was and still_is_ cool, but please. can you create some content, because I loathe Youtube and really never expected to find replacement for Youtube at Macenstein.


  2. VeeDub says:

    This is awesome news… that was my favorite game for my mac back in the day. I also found enjoyment from the game Glider (I think thats the name). I also loved Myst and Journeyman. I could go on. Actually my first real FPS was a Bungie game known as Marathon..

  3. VeeDub says:


    I remember playing that on my apple IIfx with a 19″ hand me down crt (my dad is a Graphic Designer). I am lost without that game in my life. I don’t know about putting down halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 anytime soon though. This will seriously distract me in my off time.

  4. Rob says:

    VeeDub: It’s actually Glider Pro and since Casady & Greene, Inc. went bankrupt, the rights returned to the creator and if you’re interested a version for OS X was created and is available for free at: http://homepage.mac.com/calhoun/Glider%20PRO.html.

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