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WTF? Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the number 1 music video download on iTunes?!

OK, granted, I don’t understand why anyone would want to buy any of the current top 10 music video singles, but how can Michael Jackson‘s 1982 music video for “Thriller” be number 1?

It appears in order to stave off bankruptcy (and because he hasn’t been able to write a hit in 17 years) Michael Jackson has put out some sort of 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, and glommed off the fame of currently hot acts like Akon, Kanye West, Fergie, and others to get some heat behind it. But honestly, to PAY for this video… I mean, I remember watching the full 13:41 version on MTV all those years ago, and at the time I thought it was a cool video. But unlike Thundercats, this bit of 80’s nostalgia really doesn’t hold up. Plus it’s free on Youtube! and Plus, the Indian parody is better! (here it is, although odds are you’ve seen it by now).

So this brings me to the question of the day… “How many purchases does it take to make a video #1 on iTunes?“. It can’t be much. I refuse to allow that possibility. I realize Thriller was a huge record-selling album 25 years ago, but… that was 25 years ago! This video is more dated that Paris Hilton! (ba dum bum bum!) I thought Jackson was pretty much only popular in Croatia and the left side of South America these days. How is this video #1 on the US iTunes store?!

C’Mon people, I realize at the time this video redefined the way music videos were looked at and has a place in history, but I somehow I doubt when Citizen Kane hits iTunes it will earn as much respect.

If $1.99 means that little to you, I’ll set up a Paypal “Donate here” button and you can send me all your 1980’s video singles money. I promise I can find a better use for it.

16 Responses to “WTF? Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the number 1 music video download on iTunes?!”
  1. San Sharma says:

    It’s so boring to read a mean-spirited post about Michael Jackson. Thriller’s been in and out of the iTunes Top 10 for as long as I can remember. Might it just be that people love it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey—watch it! I bought that music video about a year ago because I couldn’t find a decent copy and think it’s a classic worth hanging on to. But I might be able to explain the #1 status. About a week ago I got an email from iTunes offering me a FREE download of the new, remastered quality version of this because I purchased it before. So….I bet lots of people were redownloading it with this kind of offer. I still think it’s a great music video and well worth the $2.

  3. Daniel says:

    I think it’s the number 1 downloaded video because when iTunes sent out it’s newsletter about the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, it included a special coded link for the remastered Thriller “Free,” for a short time. Now if you buy 25th anniversary edition of Thriller album, you get the video and three others as a bonus. So it’s number 1 by volume of downloads I think. People get anything that’s free…. yes, I’m one of them. It was free, why not?

  4. Ferdi says:

    Did you notice it’s not just the video… the album itself is doing very well in the charts… pretty amazing, for an album aged 25. But it’s weird, ofcourse. Thriller is a great album, and a real classic, but it’s a bit sad that todays music is easily surpassed by something old. What does that say about todays music?

  5. Luis says:

    Well, I bought it this week. Here is my theory, either no one is buying videos at all, and because of me it hit number one spot, or a couple of people, like me, felt nostalgic. Pick one.

  6. Hrryank says:

    I seriously doubt that Apples’ top ten lists and such are accurate. Example: at the iTunes store the MacBook Air has been on the top of the list. I seriously doubt they’ve sold more MacBook Airs than regular MacBooks or iMacs.

  7. Ferdi says:

    @Hrryank: Keep in mind that many people buy their MacBooks and iMacs at retailstores; the top ten on Apple’s site only represents the sales of the online store. Because for some time, the MacBook Air was only available online (pre-orders), it makes sense that it tops the list. Simply because ALL MacBook Air sales are online, whereas iMac and MacBook sales are split over several channels.

  8. Marcio Lucena says:

    That´s to show you that Michael rocks and always will!Just take a look at US and worlwide charts 😉 .

  9. Anon says:

    Yawn. Agree with poster #1. The video is just good, a classic. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over it.

  10. Aaliyon says:

    I bought the video, and so what!!!, im a big fan and alwayz have been and alwayz will be! Michael Jackson will alwayz be a legend, if it wasnt for him and James Brown, there wouldnt be no Usher, Justin Timberfake or Chris Brown, so get over it! Everytime theres somethin brought up about Michael Jackson that happens to be good, ppl alwayz wanna bash him and be like why somethin 25 years old made it to number one 2 decades, a quarter later, well has anyone besides The Beatles, Elvis, and Michael Jackson ever repeat the massive fan base they have had, has the world gone crazy over one artists since the last 3 i mentioned? NO! so theres your answer! No one can touch Michael’s Thriller even is its 25 damn years of a masterpeice, I bet none of the artists out today will be able to ever repeat the success Michael has had over the last 45years…and yes I say 45 becus the man is about to be 50, and he began singing at the age of 5, top that HATERZ who wanna tlk shit..but as i see theres only 1 hater in here, the rest acually apreciate a good peice of art! Sorry for typing all of this but i had to prove my point! THANK YOU!!!!! HOW U DOIN!!!! lol ha ha ha ha ha

  11. kasume says:

    thriller is an amazing video with a VERY nice groove, why else would people download it, because it sucks? why else would we want to support the king of pop, because his music sucks?? just think about it!

    its so OBVIOUS why its #1, it shouldn’t even be questioned

    and its ‘thriller’, each new year more people will discover it, like me, i just did

  12. yourstupid says:

    wtf get a life, why is this so suprising. thriller is the NUMBER ONE SELLING ALBUM IN THE WORLD for a damn reason, so stfu and stop hating.

  13. Ella says:

    Thriller is the best damn video ever made!

    Please, get that in your thick head!

    And the Indian version, LOLS! What the hell is that? See, they must have thought Thriller is good if they have an indian version of it. XD

  14. Wendy says:

    This is stupid!
    You’ve wasted your time writing this crap
    Why are questioning about how Thriller is the most
    purchased video on iTunes?!?!
    Aside of the things he was accused he is still the king of
    pop in my book… And Thriller is a classic!

  15. Michael Jackson has not just thriller as the best video clip ,not al all ,over decade Michael has released the best video clips in the history of the video and music, Billie Jean,beat it ,say say say , don’t stop till you get enough ,rock with you , bad ,the way you make me feel ,speed demon , liberain girl , smooth criminal ,and a lot we all dreamed about him since generation of the music of our days without him nothing could be possible in now adays ,Michael creat story in his video clips not like bring girls and start dancing like some do like Usher ,Justin and a lot of them with any sense of what we hear and what we see.

    Michael Jackson is the king of video clip and this no one can deny it.

  16. Michael Jackson is my favorite pop artist ever since i was a child. He is truly the King of Pop and i am saddened by this news.

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