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Apple set to release OS X 10.4.12

Anyone still care about OS X 10.4 anymore? Well, if the answer was “yes”, put down that bottle of “New Coke”, turn off that episode of Max Headroom, and take a listen to this, grandpa!

We have it on good authority (meaning this is a rumor, and “good authority” could mean anything) that Apple is ready to drop its final update to yesterday’s OS, aka “Tiger”. That’s right. 10.4.12 is allegedly ready to roll, and will spring forth in the next couple weeks or so. We don’t have any details aside from “numerous bug fixes and security updates” at this point, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

And then I guess we’ll send you a telegram or fax or something.

40 Responses to “Apple set to release OS X 10.4.12”
  1. Cloud says:

    This is GREAT news! I’m definitely still using Tiger. There are quite a few audio/music and drawing apps that I use for work that are quite buggy in Leopard. They are rock solid in Tiger. In Tiger I haven’t had a crash in… wow, a LONG time.

    I’ve always wait about nine months between OS upgrades anyway. That way you guys can test it out for me. 🙂

  2. Hindsight says:

    Yep- me too but unfortunately Apple won’t allow Tiger on the new Mac Pro. So much for being a pro machine. But it’s sure faster at dpomg the things it can do!

  3. instig8r says:

    I’m a grandpa for preferring to use the flavor of OS X that actually WORKS on windows networks? Naw. I just prefer to get my work done, and not have the Windoze Weenies laugh at me.

  4. OldMan says:

    Well, thanks for letting me keep my Photoshop 7 (which has all i need) alive a little longer 🙂 10.4 so far has saved me the upgrade fee for quite a few daily-use apps, and works with far less temperaMENTAL quirks than the 10.5.2 i tried on a secondary partition.

  5. munky says:

    i call BS on this one. where are the developer seeds?

  6. John Scott says:

    Apple has gotten a taste of what Microsoft has gone through with people liking XP better than Vista. Or maybe its just a compatibility issue with everyone. Regardless it appears users are much less willing to change when their current OS is running fine. It’s the old saying “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”.

  7. wigry says:

    I personally don’t like the looks of Leopard, the Tiger looks like a serious tool and it has the Apple former trademark rounded corners on the menubar, that I personally like a lot.

  8. Santa says:

    So what if 10.4 is “yesterday’s OS.” It runs a lot smoother on my G5 than 10.5 and doesn’t have such a crap dock design. I’ve played with 10.5 and hate it. And I have a G4 that runs 10.3 and I think Panther is a lot faster than Tiger and Leopard on G4’s.

  9. Stu says:

    Yes, I am a grandfather. Yes, I still use 10.4. I really don’t like beta-testing new software and paying for the privilege. I’ll consider 10.5 ready after a few more fixes. At that point, I may install it on the MacBook, but the mini and G5 are likely to remain 10.4 until they die (or I install Linux on them -)

    P.S. I don’t do the cute kitty-cat names

  10. frijole says:

    so is this the same “good authority” about that iPhone 1.1.4 and the SDK from Tinycode?

    I’m sorry, but without any more evidence, your credibility is worse than Digitimes.

  11. frijole,

    we never claim to have credibility, nor did we claim to have any information on the 1.1.4 firmware update other than to say we saw that mention of the firmware on TinyCode’s site, and posted a screenshot for you to interpret.

    -the Doc

  12. Shaun says:

    Every since Leopard came out, whenever I hear about Tiger updates, I think about the programmers at Apple. I wonder if it’s some form of punishment to work on Tiger instead of the state-of-the-art?

  13. subcorpus says:

    cant wait …
    i’m not gonna upgrade to leopard for a few months …
    so am gonna enjoy even the smallest update to tiger …
    come on apple … hehe …

  14. If true… thumbs down. Apple shouldn’t drop support for Tiger so soon. Microsoft is supporting old OS’s for longer and major distributions of GNU/Linux usually have a Long Time Support-like characteristic.

    For the time being, Tiger works fine and my Powerbook is fast enough for me.

  15. Bill says:

    I’m with Stu, I’m leaving Tiger on my 12″ G4 Powerbook until it croaks. I’ll let my next Mac be of the Leopard species. I’m sure 10.5 would run just fine on the Powerbook, but I’d rather wait.

  16. redhatstl says:

    Bah… My ibook G3 won’t run Leopard, so what am I supposed to do when they don’t update tiger anymore? (Apart from buying a new Mac.)

  17. Corey Tamas says:

    Kinda snotty to make people out as luddites if they’re not using an OS that’s been out for less than 5 months. It’s usually considered wise to wait a bit after a new OS is released to see the bugs shaken out before committing your computer to it. While Leopard has garnered almost universal praise (which makes comparisons with Vista a little unrealistic), not every user’s experience has been improved by the upgrade… and that’s worth respecting. Even when it’s working perfectly, which isn’t always the case, there’s the basic cost of upgrading ($150 where I live) that is a lot to ask if your computer is already working fine, and that’s not even taking into account the fact that Leopard forces many Photoshop users to fork out for new versions, which can cost up to $1000.

    I upgraded to Leopard on my 17″ MacBook Pro two weeks ago because I absolutely needed the new video drivers (which are otherwise unavailable) and both speed and stability are lessened from having done so. To be fair to Leopard, I think this might be due to some hardware issues my machine is having and I realize that other people out there have great Leopard experiences. My point is only this: If I could downgrade, I would… and if 10.4.12 is released with those new drivers then I’ll seriously consider it.

  18. Pauline says:

    @redhatstl, you’re supposed to buy a new mac. All apple fanboys know that.

  19. Abe Vigoda says:

    Nothing like getting informed and insulted at the same time. If you’re not going to send me $1500 for a new Mac that can support Leopard, then maybe you should keep your snide comments to yourself.

  20. Kort says:

    I’ve been running 10.3.9 on my old G4 at home and G5 at work and have been for the most part happy with it. My wife has 10.4.x on her MacMini at home and enjoys it. I recently got a new 24″ Intel iMac with 10.5 pre-installed. I updated to 10.5.2 before loading anything and have had no issues and have been loving it. The point of this ramble — none really, except use what works for you.

  21. teb says:

    Some awfully sensative people on here. Chill out, its just a bit of teasing.

  22. Hindsight says:

    If Dell came out with a PC that was only able to load Vista or later they’d be laughed at. Apple of course gets a pass since they produce both the OS and the HW. And, I’d be happy to give them that pass if everything worked great on new OS they shipped with. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that they sell “pro,” read as “for production,” machines that aren’t compatible with their previous “stable” OS. Oh well. So far the FCS 2.0 apps work on the new MP, as does PS CS3 so I’m not exactly dead in the water.

  23. Raptor007 says:

    Why so anti-Tiger? It’s still a great OS, and I won’t replace it on my G5 unless they add the Classic Environment to Leopard.

  24. Guys, I am absolutely not Anti-Tiger, and in fact prefer it to Leopard. Just making a joke based on that you would think Apple never heard of Tiger these days. Surprising they are devoting any time to even bug fixes.
    -The Doc

  25. Brian Deuel says:

    frijole- credibility is poison; one of many labels used as a prison by those who wish to tell others how to live their lives. I feel for those who fall for it, for they haven’t really lived life yet. Freedom is so sweet…

    Anywho… I like Leopard a lot, except that it doesn’t run a few of the apps I really like to use (Classic, as one example). And those that actually do run, are buggier than a bait store (i.e. VirtualPC on my beloved G4). Since I’ve dropped back to Tiger, I do miss some of the new features (Spaces and Quick Look are awesome), but I can live without them for now, until the day I decide to move into Intelland.

    Great comments on this post. I almost pissed myself reading some of them. Looking forward to more…

  26. sj1234 says:

    Tiger’s official status as an obsolete OS by no means renders it useless or antiquated given two things: firstly, it is a proven and highly stable system and secondly, Leopard, regardless of its strengths and weaknesses, is not proven and was wrought with many bugs which were only addressed (hopefully) only two weeks ago with update 10.5.2 . Many Tiger holdouts will upgrade soon enough. Perhaps by the time 10.5.4 or .6 is out.

  27. Geogray says:

    Wow…for a second, I thought I was reading comments about Vista. While I’m sure it has gone on in the past, I don’t think I have ever read so many negative comments about a new-ish Apple operating system (at least, not in one place and not from an Apple-centric site.) So…Tiger is the new XP? Sorry, I could not resist.

  28. Marlon says:

    As for laughing at backwards compatibility, I bought my one (and only) Sony Vaio a few years back and found out it only ran Windows ME or later – trust me I wasn’t laughing. I run OS X 10.4 Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10 and a bunch of other stuff that works great on my PowerBook G4.

    I won’t even think about OS X 10.5 until (if) I buy an Intel Mac. I still remember Apple toasting the Intel bunnymen back in the 90’s. Hardware always drives the upgrades and thinner isn’t exactly a feature that pays the bills.

  29. CJ says:

    So will this upgrade to an old version cost $189 as usual, at least Microsoft doesn’t charge for a service pack

  30. brewman says:

    CJ, it’s an UPDATE, not an UPGRADE. That means it’s free if you are already running a previous version of Tiger. Have you even ever seen a Mac? Cuz you’re talking like you have your tongue stuffed up Bill Gates’ a**hole.

  31. Edward says:

    I am on my really old eMac G4 running on Tiger 10.4.11. I always wanted to hands on the Leopard and considering if I need to buy a new Intel Mac for that as my eMac doesn’t allow me to install Leopard on this old machine.

    After reading through all these negative points about the New OS from Apple. I will rather stick to my current eMac without having to pay for something that is not really gonna cheer me up just for the curiosity.

    Would you?

  32. Dave Bowman says:

    Unfortunately this news is false. There have been no ADC developer builds or seeds for a 10.4.12 update. 10.4.11 is where it stops.

  33. Nitewing98 says:

    sj1234 wrote:
    Tiger’s official status as an obsolete OS…

    Uh, no one said Tiger is obsolete! Just because it isn’t the current release doesn’t mean it isn’t supported. Apple continued to release security updates for Panther until just a few months back (before Leopard was released) and I would expect, with Tiger’s popularity, that Apple will do the same with Tiger.

    An OS isn’t “obsolete” until the company stops supporting it.

  34. Alex Boni says:

    Tiger is not ‘obsolete,’ it’s official Apple status is ‘vintage.’ I phoned Apple sales the other day to purchase a copy for my Powermac G4.

    Leopard is a fantastic OS. I use it on my late 2006 Macbook and wouldn’t consider switching it back to Tiger ever. It is visually slick, runs very quickly and does everything I need it to do. It does suck on an upgrade install – that is something I sadly experienced myself – but on a fresh install it is brilliant.

    That being said, Tiger has a fair old while to go yet before it is worthy of being branded ‘obsolete.’ It works perfectly on my Powermac G4 and there is no way in heck I would ever consider installing Leopard on my Powermac, even though it meets the minimum system requirements and supports Core Animation. The reason for this is that Tiger is far more suitable to the machine and Leopard, for all its visual beauty and general ‘newness’, would ultimately slow the machine.

    I see a lot of people here making ill-informed or just plan cretinous statements about Tiger and Leopard and the bottom line is that both OS’ have their uses and qualities that they do not entirely share with one another. I’m still using OS 9.2.2 every now and then to run some of my old Mac games that aren’t OS X compatible, so even an OS that is branded ‘obsolete’ does still have its uses beyond what many would consider to be its lifetime.

  35. Bill G says:

    You can call it “living in the past”, but I think sticking with something that works is just good ol’ common sense. For me, that’s 10.4 Tiger. I won’t even think of moving to Leopard until it has been given that ever-so-important “.1” fixup.

  36. Khaled Samir says:

    Yes i hate Leopard 10.5 cause it’s Userinterface looks so bad if you compare it with Tiger UI.

    and Tiger is stable more than Leopard until 10.5.3.

    i was using Leopard and update it to 10.5.3 and turn to Tiger now and i think i won’t move to leopard anymore now at least. 🙂

  37. Nash says:

    Hey, where is that 10.4.12 update???
    Anyone???? WHEN????


  38. Sherrill says:

    So I really wanted to upgrade to Leopard, I heard it was great…but reading some of this stuff makes me think otherwise. I have the OSX 10.4.11 and honestly have not had many issues with it. The occasional freeze up, but nothing serious. Does Leopard have some bugs? I will stick with Tiger for now if that is the case, but it is soooo tempting to go for the upgrade!

  39. Rize says:

    was this update actually released though
    i haven’t had an update in a few months but no update for 10.4.12 was displayed
    i would like a new update
    but cant find it!!!

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