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Wow. Talk about overestimating the value of an iPod!

A 14 year-old Davenport, IA teenager was arrested yesterday after he reportedly stole a female classmate’s iPod and then demanded she send him a sexually explicit video of herself in exchange for its safe return. Davenport Police Capt. David Struckman said the iPod was taken from the girl’s purse last week, and the following day a note was placed in her purse with the demand she perform a sex act and e-mail a video of it to the suspect.

Obviously this plan wasn’t all that well thought out, as we all know the going rate for a sexually explicit blackmail video is a 16 GB iPhone. Also, including your e-mail address in an extortion note is usually thought of as “bad form” amongst the blackmail community. Still, the kid is only a minor and has 4 more years to hone his blackmailing skills before he can go “pro”. Lord only knows how cool the iPod will be by then! Just think of the crimes he will be able to commit in 2012.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Ryan for the tip!
[Via The Quad-City Times]

5 Responses to “Wow. Talk about overestimating the value of an iPod!”
  1. Jonro says:

    I hope that little piece of crap is raked over the coals and learns his lesson before he ends up with a career in politics.

  2. John says:

    Yet another reason I wish we had iPods when I was 14.

  3. odin says:

    Yeah we all know when you blackmail girls into sexual acts you try to do it like a kidnapping drop. “Leave the video in the trash can next to the 7 Eleven, call the cops and the iPod will be sent to you in pieces.” Not that I ever do anything like that… I also have the habit of settling for a lot less than I could get. A chimichanga and a coke would probably get the iPod back.

  4. MacSheikh says:

    Such a pity. Imagine all the trauma. I hope the iPod’s doing ok now.

  5. Je-je-je-macduff says:

    Well, this is horrible. Who on god’s bright green Earth would do such a thing? This is utterly immoral. Kids? Blackmailing? For dirty deeds? This is obscene! And for a meesely normal 1GB IPOD? Preposturous!

    This kid needs a kick, and someone to tell him that crime isn’t going to pay him for being stupid.

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