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Psystar comes to its senses, renames the “Open Mac” as the “Open Computer”

Psystars site went down this morning shortly after announcing it would be selling the “Open Mac“, the first non-Apple computer marketed as being able to run Mac OS X. The site came back up later this afternoon, with one noticeable change. The Open Mac was gone, replaced by the more generic-sounding (and less lawsuit-inviting) Open Computer.

Above: Despite the name change, clicking the new “Read more about the Open Computer” link brings you to a url still branded with the Open_Mac name.

We don’t yet know if this is a result of Apple’s lawyers contacting Psystar or merely some pre-emptive measures taken by Psystar after reading all the armchair legal advice being thrown about on various Mac forums, but we see it as a wise decision.

5 Responses to “Psystar comes to its senses, renames the “Open Mac” as the “Open Computer””
  1. odin says:

    A $399 computer with basically no real support, probably no warranty, offered by a company that will be more than likely litigated out of business… Sounds like a deal!!!

  2. Rowlings says:

    I’d almost like to get one, just as a piece of Apple history.

  3. Jonathan.. er another Jonathan AKA Chaplare... says:

    Yea Rowlings, I almost bought myself an one of those eMachine original iMac clones for the same reason…

  4. Durnaurion says:

    It’s funny… I just read an article last week about how to install Leopard on a PC.
    They also talked about the EULA, but it seems like its not legally valid over herre in Germany… So at least herre they could sell the OpenMac… ahm.. OpenPC without legal restrictions.

  5. imajoebob says:

    I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on the Internet.

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