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WTF? “Hitman” is unintentionally free on iTunes!

Or at least we assume it is…

WinandMac has found a weird iTunes glitch that appears to allow you to download the movie “Hitman” for free.

Well, thanks to our readers found the tip to get this movie completely free. In iTunes, click iTunes store, look for the “Browse” on Quick Links in the right hand side. Than, select “Movies” and then “Thriller”. Look for the title “Hitman”. You will see it is free (as pictured above) for the whole version at 1.06GB. I can download it and watch it successfully. Not sure whether it is something new or a bug of iTunes.

In the interest of journalism, I just downloaded it, and yes, it does work. Of course, there’s always the chance that tomorrow I will get an e-mail from Apple with my bill, but I was not prompted to enter my password as I am for pay purchases, and hey, it said “free” next to it! How they gonna fight that?

Unfortunately, just scrolling through the movie, I have a feeling “free” might be too much to pay for this movie, but hey, everyone loves free stuff. I’m not sure whether downloading this way this screws Apple or 20th Century Fox, (or US, if we get charged for a crap movie we didn’t really want) but either way, odds are it won’t last long. Let us know if you find any other weird free titles this way.

[UPDATE: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Faithful Macenstein reader Ken tells us that Hitman my no longer be free (see pic.) Please let us know.]

25 Responses to “WTF? “Hitman” is unintentionally free on iTunes!”
  1. Brian says:

    QUICK! HURRY! has hitman for free!

  2. Well, yes. They actually have a wider selection of free videos…
    They must cut “bulk” deals with the studios!
    -The Doc

  3. Luke Henry says:

    There is nothing wrong with Hitman. I enjoyed the movie. Wondering what will happen tomorrow with it.

  4. Evan Lugh says:

    Damn, tried to get it but told me it wasn’t available in my region. :s

  5. LaSombra says:

    Thanks man!!!

  6. alenm88 says:

    yup… downloading …… xD

  7. SirCrumpet says:

    “A mechanical series of violent set-pieces decorated with underdressed hotties. It’s handsome but astonishingly dull and weirdly sexless, despite the aforementioned underdressed girls and frequent discussion of Nika’s undergarments or lack thereof. ”

    Well hell, how bad can it be with a review like THAT?

    “..even the most forgiving action fan will walk away disappointed by this mess. ”

    That bad, huh.

  8. RevFry says:

    Prompted me for MY password. Oh well. We’re all rich Apple customers, right? What’s 15 bucks whether we burn it, lose it, or spend it on crap movies? =) J/K

  9. Alan says:

    aaaawwww….i really want an us account….damn swiss one doesn’t have s**** 🙁

  10. Hey RevFry,
    OK you caught me. I am a HUUUUGE Hitman fan, and want it to be the number 1 movie on iTunes.

    -The Doc

  11. johnny says:

    nice find. i shared it with everyone i know…

  12. darrell says:

    oh! i remember! thats the guy from live free or die hard! that movie was awesome!

  13. Ethan says:

    Doesn’t work for me now…oh well.

  14. Lapa says:

    There is just another one for free at itunes store, a short film call The Trap. I’m dowlowding it rioght now. Why noT? It’s feee……

  15. Luky says:

    damn uk itunes! grrrrr

  16. Matty says:

    @ Allan:
    Alan Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 3:48 pm
    aaaawwww….i really want an us account….damn swiss one doesn’t have s****


    And yes, this is still working in Australia

  17. Matty says:

    Woooo hoooo,

    Best news you’ve heard all day, Alvin & the Chipmunks: How we roll (music vid); is also free….

    And a couple of short films.

  18. Kelly says:

    Got it, but it does look like an absolute horrid movie. Still, I love free stuff so THANKS!!!!

  19. Theo says:

    Worked for me as well. Saved a screenshot of iTunes in case they try to ask for any payment. I’ll be more than happy to pay them the listed price. FREE!

    (The only other thing I found free was some Alvin and the Chipmunks video, not the movie though, it was some special thing only 2 minutes long …)

    Thanks for passing this along!


    Just to let you know, Alvin and theChipmunks how we roll is also free, still wont download it though…

    Well, ill try it.


    theres quite a few more, some glamour reel moments too! Now for TV shows and music, see what contraband i can take. I live in uk and am thankful for my US account.

    Lick it.

  22. Alan says:



    (sorry for shouting)

  23. Eric says:

    I got my emailed receipt this morning and it said FREE under the price. So it really did work

  24. Matty says:

    I watched the Hitman I DL’d from iTunes.
    I can’t believe I watched it all.
    Anyway A=10, V=10

    PS: Doc, our posts take way too long to show up on your site.

  25. cookie says:

    you can open a usa itunes account from any country free and easy with just a gift card and download whatever. see details here at

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