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Steve Ballmer gets egged in Budapest

Well, contrary to what you might think, I actually don’t find much funny about this video. I think losers like this egg-throwing whack-o and the guy who threw a pie at Bill Gates pretty much define the word “tool”.

No, instead I post this video so we can all see that while the guy sitting NEXT to the egg-throwing tool appears to be a MacBook user, it also appears that he is not in cahoots with Captain Nutbar, and seems to be appropriately shocked and disgusted by his acts. I think we as technology aficionados should band together and take a stand against “Food On Microsoft CEO Crime“, no matter which computing platform or food we support. Remember, somebody has to clean those eggs up, and it ain’t Ballmer, it is some poor Hungarian janitor who is now hoping Captain Nutbar is in some horrible Budapest prison having eggs forcibly inserted in his smug ass. Literally.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader chaplare for the link.

13 Responses to “Steve Ballmer gets egged in Budapest”
  1. Richard says:

    anyone able to translate Captin nutbars ranting?? what was he unhappy about? – did he buy Vista seeking a greater computing experience? (snigger)

  2. Brett says:

    What is it with all you wussies saying throwing eggs at M$ CEO’s is wrong?

    M$ deserves it because of all their past practices. And i’m happy monkey boy got a little scared. Unfortunately the guy is stupid because he missed monkey boy from so close. But funny nevertheless.

  3. Michael says:

    Dr. Macenstein,

    You’re next… Just kidding.

  4. 2sb says:

    After the egg incident, Balmer said “I lost my train of thought”. What a surprise to hear he has any semblance of organized thoughts going through that noodle atop his torso.

  5. darrell says:

    i saw this earlier on fakesteve – made me feel sick to my stomach. shows you how weak minded people can be. if this guy really has a passionate resentment to M$ he could’ve easily just stood up and yelled at ballmer – instead of committing assault and disturbance of peace. now instead of being looked at as a passionate activist he looks like some irrational freak chucking eggs in a symbolic jester.

    don’t get me wrong – ballmer is a genuine dbag. but we don’t really need to ‘call him out’ in any way while we can simply take recordings of interviews of him, take them out of context and post them on youtube. violence isn’t entertainment. still – it would’ve been nice to hear ‘don’t tase me bro’ in hungarian.

  6. Brad Jasper says:

    I thought he handled it really well.

  7. mangochutney says:

    I found it funny that this egg-throwing butjob hesitated midway through his ‘performance’.
    I bet he only wanted publicity to score chicks…

    C’mon, there are other ways:

  8. Ethan says:

    As for what Captain Nutbar said:

    “Microsoft has caused 45 billion Forints (local currency 1$~160 Forints) damage to the Hungarian people.
    Give that money back!!! Right now!!!”

    Taken from a comment on the 9to5Mac coverage of this video.

  9. Andrew says:

    From what I can gather he’s pissed off because Microsoft is providing academic institutes with educational licenses for Windows at highly reduced prices, much cheaper than you could buy on the high street. Apparently he sees this as some attempt to thwart the growth of Linux. Considering Linux is free and they’re still charging for Linux his complaint seems flawed. Surely it would be worse if MS was charging regular prices for Windows since I expect the institutes would still rather pay that and get Linux than having a long line of regular non-tech-savvy people trying to use Ubuntu.

  10. matthijs says:

    First, it takes some guts to throw something at Steve. With his temper and history of throwing around chairs I would have thought twice before doing something like that 🙂

    Second, Steve handled it very well.

    Last, I think the only guy he got with this stupid action is himself.

  11. marK C. says:

    iEggs. Designed by Apple in California


  12. graham N says:

    As vice Chair of the UK Vegan Society can I add that we are appalled at this behaviour. Tofu is higher in protein, and has no cholesterol.

  13. Graham N says:

    As vice Chair of the UK Vegan Society, I would like to condemn this action. Tofu has more protein, and is cholesterol free.

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