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Video: Multi-touch Mac OS X – Great. Now I need to save for a 150-inch monitor

I will definitely not argue that this video isn’t cool, it is. Yet I have always been somewhat underwhelmed by the real world application of a fully mutli-touch computer interface. It seems to me you need a giant screen, small fingers, and a borderline made-up reason for why you need to zoom in and out of things with two hands. More often than not, the demos come across as technology without a purpose. Usually there is an example of some crazy genetic DNA data, and we are shown how you can zoom in, twist and rotate little molecules and such, and it all looks overly complicated. Likely the data presented in an Excel table would be more useful to scientists, but you only need 1 hand and a mouse for Excel, so it isn’t cool.

Seeing this lux demo with its oversized icons, weird “finger painting glow trails”, and messily spread out, unorganized photos strewn across the screen has done nothing to convince me I want to work this way, but yes, it looks damn cool.

10 Responses to “Video: Multi-touch Mac OS X – Great. Now I need to save for a 150-inch monitor”
  1. Lucky says:

    I say that is linux.

  2. Imagine Engine says:

    Nice video presenting the technology. I’d like to have a multi-touch display on my MacBook Pro. Though of course with the ability to rotate the display so as to lay flat together with the base like a tablet to use with paint and drawing applications. Then I could toss the Wacom tablet.

  3. Luke Henry says:

    I’m a Television Editor and I’ll tell you straight up. It would be amazing to run Avid or Final Cut Pro … or any edit software on a touch table. ….. will this happen anytime soon … probably not. But it would make my job so much easier.

  4. CyberTeddy says:

    after every work on that screen you have clean your “150-INCH MONITOR” ’cause of those fingerprints 😛

  5. RG says:

    I not sure about the video, seemed a little “practiced”, maybe the guy is faking it or maybe not, I’m hoping for the latter. Anyway, look great.

  6. Nopix says:

    This is FAKE OS X!!! The OS in the video has a Leopard Dock, but look on tghe System Preferences icon! It is the old icon used in Tiger. I think its a Linux

  7. Brian says:

    Why would anybody go this far to fake something like that?

  8. Quikboy says:

    What a joke. Windows has had touch capabilities for so long, and only now has somebody enabled OS X (or what looks like OS X) with this.

    I think this is a fake, because I know of know Mac laptops or desktop that offer touchscreens.

    Nice skin, but it’s obviously fake.

  9. Quikboy says:

    Whoops, I forgot to mention how much it looks exactly like Microsoft Surface, except with a fancy OS X theme.

  10. AdrienneA says:

    I’ve seen other similar demos, and my question is about the ergonomics of such a setup–if the screen is vertical, I’d have to be holding my arms up in the air all day. Not comfy. If the screen is horizontal/inclined, well–ever used a drawing board for 10 hours straight? 🙁

    What’s wrong with having the input and the view separate? It’s easy to use a tablet once you get the hang of it.

    The touchscreen kb is just dumb. No improvement over a physical kb, and what about the Pringles Problem?

    Decent voice recognition, now THAT would be worthwhile!

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