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Apple’s hinge-less “MacBook Pro Canvas”

I am a fan of Apple’s aluminum MacBook Pro/Air enclosures, and rumor has it the MacBook will soon be ditching its girly plastic and adopting the cool metal enclosure as well. As much as I would love to see this, it seems a little odd to me that Apple would bump their consumer laptop to aluminum without giving their pro offerings a much-needed redesign. Apple has always liked to visually differentiate the Pro and consumer models, and I think that as nice as the MacBook Pro looks, we all have to admit its design is more or less unchanged from the PowerBook G4s of 7 years ago. It’s time for an update.

Above: the current MacBook Pro (top) and the “screwless” MacBook Pro “Canvas” (bottom). Now doesn’t that look better?

Of course the question is, how do you update the world’s coolest-looking laptop? What new innovations can you bring to the design process that have never been seen before in consumer laptops? Well, I came across a video on Wild Crown of a new (horribly named) concept car from BMW called the GINA that I think might just be the answer.

In short, the car’s exterior is not molded from metal or plastic as in traditional automobiles (and laptops), it is made from a malleable, light-weight cloth material that allows the car to change shape. Watch the above video, and you’ll notice that the doors have no visible hinges. Headlights can appear from slits that open and close when needed.

Imagine this same concept applied to laptops. A shell lighter than aluminum. Non of those pesky screws that Steve hates. Air vents that open only when needed to dissipate heat (you know Steve would prefer a seamless laptop). USB/FireWire ports (if Apple continues to allow them to exist) would also appear only when needed. Same with optical drive slits. There would be no visible hinge along the rear of the laptop either. A completely smooth, lightweight portable, unlike anything else on the market.

Is it a crazy idea? Maybe. However, replay that BMW video one more time, and now instead of the somewhat gentle, Jim Henson-ish American fellow from BMW talking, picture the voice of the “evil-British-genius”-sounding Jonathan Ive telling you how not only revolutionary the new metallic cloth laptop is, but how necessary. Picture Steve on stage at MacWorld showing you how the cloth can withstand a 50 mph head on collision without ripping (kind of like his aircraft-grade titanium speech for the PowerBooks). (Some sort of “MacBook for Dummies” pun, with crash test dummies elicits polite laughter).

I would imagine the portable could be marketed as the MacBook Canvas, as in, a blank canvas to create you various digital masterpieces. A quick check of the domain “” shows I own it, but will be willing to sell to Apple, when the time is right. So let’s get innovating, Apple! I need to retire soon.

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  1. No ports for USB or a DVD drive like the old Mac Book Pro I see. Looks like Apple still has failed to understand that people would rather have functionality over looks.

    How sad. Don’t worry Apple, maybe you’ll learn your lesson two years from now. If I can’t plug in my USB keys and DVD without an external hub, then you know that you’ve failed.

  2. Tony Edwards says:

    Definitely an interesting idea, though the reality is that a laptop is subject to a lot of rubbing/chafing types of stress that a car generally is not. Honestly, while I like the aesthetic of the MBP, a high-quality plastic shell like the MB’s probably makes more sense than a metal one, both because it doesn’t transmit heat as well, and because it doesn’t impede a wireless signal.

  3. wtfk says:

    Ah yes, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Science fiction movies can have machines with features like that. The rest of us have to live in the real world.

  4. Klaatu barada nikto baby!
    (just wait 10 years, you’ll see!)

    -The Doc

  5. Chris Leither says:

    Sry to say that but…both of u

    Srinidhi Venkates and Tony Edwards are darn idiots…tt

    First of… this is NOT an upcoming Apple Product as far as we can tell now… but JUST some fucking (albeit very good looking mockup!) So next… I photograph …say… some crappy VCR and replace the Brand name with some Apple symbol and Tag… and tell you this is gonna be the NEXT Apple TV… ROFL !

    And to this second dude… have you EVER wondered… why heatsinks in modern Computers… are METAL… either copper… or aluminum or gold (in case u are very rich) AND NOT made of some plastic ?!… Oh heck… guess what because it in fact DOES ‘transmit heat’ as u say… WAY BETTER and turns the entire darn Notebook into one huge heatsink…

    Concerning the wi-fi signal… Just take a good long look at current MBPs and MBAs… or even at the 2G iPhone (or 1G… as one might argue) there is ALWAYS some place to stick in the wifi antenna for it to have a clear signal…

  6. Imagine Engine says:

    I love my MacBook Pro the way it is. I’m more concerned with Apple providing better graphics, 300 or more GB 7200 RPM hard drive, 1080p display and a Blu-Ray RW Superdrive.

  7. Xeno says:

    Yeah well I’d still prefer my metal case. I like those bolts. If they can make the case metal and without the bolts, I’d be happy but screw this canvas computer. If they want to go green, make the computer out of bamboo or something then

  8. Monkey says:

    @Imagine Engine – amen! I like the mbp style the way it is. Perhaps offer a black aluminum case…that would be cool 🙂

  9. Derek says:

    Apple doesn’t have to buy the domain from you. They’ll trademark the name and sue ya.

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