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After a hectic 48 hours, Aurora Feint is back online

Well, it’s been a hectic couple of days for the programmers behind Aurora Feint, the highly acclaimed (and then highly criticized) free RPG puzzle game for iPhone. Earlier this week word broke that Aurora Feint’s “community” feature was copying user’s contact lists, and when used, sending them out to Aurora Feint’s servers, unencrypted. Security buffs panned AF’s 2 young developers, who to their credit admitted their mistake, claiming it was due more to naivete than anything sinister. The next day Apple pulled Aurora Feint from the iTunes App store amid the security concerns, but it appears this morning the game is back online, with a slew of bug fixes, a new intro movie, as well as those annoying security patches.

Despite their amazingly fast work (although AF’s Danielle Cassley told us most of these fixes were near completion by the time the story broke) there is still evidence of the overworked team’s not quite having time to dot every “i” and cross every “t”. Take for example their update page on the App store below, where html syntax is seen leaking into the description.

Still Aurora Feint stands as easily the best free app on the iTunes store, and one of the best apps in general, delivering far more replay value than many of the $9.99 apps we’ve tested.

2 Responses to “After a hectic 48 hours, Aurora Feint is back online”
  1. ac says:

    Best app? Guess I’m missing something, aren’t most of the things it’s suppossed to have in it, not actually in it yet? Is there anything else to do besides play the same bejewled mining game over and over?

  2. Adam says:

    Yay! Oh, about the HTML, I’d assume it uses the same coding as the app store, but is glitchy, probably an apple problem. 😛

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