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Apple breeds new race of international iPhone salesmen

Wanna see something creepy? Not quite “dead body” creepy, but up there…

In taking a look at the various international iPhone 3G “Guided Tour” videos on Apple’s sites, one thing quickly becomes obvious – In addition to all the R&D time Apple spends on hardware and software, it appears they also have a rather healthy gene-splicing division.

That’s right, it seems Apple has been able to successfully overwrite certain portions of its international spokespeople’s genetic code to make them all act and talk like Bob, the US iPhone spokesperson. It appears the “hand movements” gene-overwrite was not quite as successful on the Japanese subject as with their Italian and Spanish counterparts (his movements come off a bit forced), but that is to be expected, as both the Italian and Spanish speak with their hands almost as much as Bob does anyway.

12 Responses to “Apple breeds new race of international iPhone salesmen”
  1. Rick says:

    Freaky Freaky…

  2. JCM says:

    Haha, Thats how my dad talks….(Unnecessary hand gestures).

  3. Gussy says:

    JCM, sure you dad ain’t one of the guys in the video?

  4. Rowlings says:

    The Italian guy’s “upturned” hands seem to convey a more urgent need than the other hand motions, like he NEEDS you to buy the iPhone.

  5. zato says:

    Mac hating assholes.

  6. Andrew says:

    AHHH!!!! iROBOTS!!!

  7. mangochutney says:

    I found the japanese Introduction very interesting.
    Even though I didn’t understand a word besides iPhone 3G it was entertaining because of the way he speaks.
    Friends told me that it’s a typical way of speaking when somebody low in a hierarchy/society wants to politely explain sth. to somone higher.

  8. Andrew B says:

    Ha! Great. The best thing is the “bleep, bleep, bleep” at the end. A proper mac tribute.

  9. odin says:

    It’s like if Steve Jobs had bastard kids in a whole bunch of different countries.

  10. Hey Doc, the italian guy is faulty… He’s the only one to hold the iPhone with his left hand…

  11. Jonro says:

    Finally there is a use for all those Marcel Marceau clones created by the French government.

  12. How will they dial amidst all that hand waving?

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