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Giant Pink Lady gets out-smarted by Mac Dude

I had read this story over a year ago during the original iPhone launch – a rich “would-be” eBay tycon pulls up to the line of people who had been waiting outside an AT&T store for hours, flashes $100,000 in cash, and buys the first-in-line spot from a kid for $800 in hopes of buying out the entire store’s iPhone supply, only to be told there is a 1-iPhone-per-customer rule – but somehow seeing the video makes it soooo much better.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jon for the tip!

4 Responses to “Giant Pink Lady gets out-smarted by Mac Dude”
  1. LOL says:


  2. Keefe says:

    Oh that is so old man

  3. dizzy says:

    Still Funny…Yes

    I remember seeing this on the news last year and it was nice to see someone learn that money can buy you a place in line, but can’t buy you everything 🙂

  4. malcanta says:

    that will never get old. why no post interview of giant pink lady? that is all that was missing.

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