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Apple hits the big time – gets its own YouTube Channel

Apple has finally gotten the biggest honor that anyone can hope for – its own Official YouTube page. Yes, they don’t give those out to just anyone. Apple now joins the exclusive ranks of Chris Crocker and The Potter Puppet Pals.

Is this an attempt by Apple to save some bandwidth costs by throwing hosting duties to YouTube’s servers, or did they see the awesomeness that is the Official Dell YouTube channel and felt compelled to respond? We’re not sure. The channel is still only a couple days old, so hopefully it will evolve into something you might actually want to visit from time to time. Right now it consists almost entirely of ads, although Apple has thrown in a tutorial video for iTunes just to break up the marketing messages a little (however, odds are if you can’t figure out iTunes, you can’t figure out how to find their YouTube channel either). We’d love for this to become the official repository for Apple’s video history (keynotes, ads, how-tos for long dead product lines…) but right now it’s 90% Long and Hodgman.

Anyway, if you missed the latest Get A Mac ads, or just want to look cool by having Apple be your YouTube friend (like I did), check them out.

6 Responses to “Apple hits the big time – gets its own YouTube Channel”
  1. ajcooper says:

    There’s no way that’s official. The graphics used are all skewed and it just looks totally unlike Apple.

  2. Let me quote the man:

    “The design of this channel is UUUU-GLY!”

    Where’s Jony when you need him?

  3. J. Nicholas says:

    Does ‘bogus’ come to mind?

  4. It’s mostly just Apple ads, I was expecting something like a daily or weekly review of particular IPhone apps or something…maybe in time I guess.

  5. IT IS FAKE.

    If it were a REAL sponsored channel it would have a custom banner on the top and autoplay.

    Hopefully APPL shuts it down. Its simply a abhorrence to their good name.

  6. tom says:

    Well, it shows “This account is suspended.” right now so maybe they’re redesigning it or maybe they just pissed off youtube.

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