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Apple’s “Brick” riddle, deciphered

Yes, we feel we’ve deciphered “The Brick” riddle – not that it helps actually clear up anything…

Multiple sites are buzzing with news of a new Apple product, code named “The Brick” that could debut as early as October 14th. Speculation first began when 9to5Mac claimed to have an inside source which spoke about a mysterious new project Apple was working on code named “The Brick”. Unfortunately, aside from the name “The Brick”, 9to5 seemed to have little additional information to go on, leading them to speculate that perhaps the source may have been referring to the long-rumored iTablet. Since then, other sites have jumped in to offer their theories on what The Brick might be. Some say it is the new MacBooks or MPBs – some say a new brick-shaped wireless USB hub or Mac Pro mini tower – while others say the word “brick” implies it will be an update to the already somewhat brick-like Mac mini or Apple TV lines.

Well, not to toot our own horns, but we think we’ve solved the riddle behind the code name “The Brick”, although unfortunately our theory does not shed any real light on what the device actually IS, but perhaps it can help end speculation as to what it is not.. We mulled the “brick” name over in our official, patent-pending Macenstein Lab Think Tankâ„¢, and it is now our belief that The Brick has nothing to do with the device actually looking physically like a brick at all. Rather, we feel it is likely that it is simply a name for an upcoming product (or group of products) that Apple thinks will be sexy enough to pull a huge marketshare away from Microsoft. After all, how do you break “Windows”? You throw a brick through them!

Clever, eh? So yes, we believe that “the Brick” is Apple’s code word for its “Windows-killer”, be it a brand new product, or simply a series of price cuts and updates to existing Apple products so irresistible that no amount of willpower can withstand them.

One reason we like this theory is that Steve Jobs warned investors earlier this year that there were some upcoming killer products from Apple that were going to be coming out towards the end of this year at very aggressive price points, prices so low it would likely affect Apple’s upcoming earnings. It is our feeling that such a drastic break from Apple’s traditional pricing can only mean Apple is looking to make a real push into obtaining market share from Microsoft, and these products represent a “Brick” Apple is launching that will “break” Windows. (Of course, it could also be the code name for iTunes 9, as each iTunes update ALSO seems to break Windows).

So there you have it. “The Brick” will not be a brick-shaped Apple product (at least nothing more brick shaped than what they already offer). However, it DOES represent what Apple feels to be a truly powerful product offering at an extremely tempting price point. Personally, I think it is a $649 MacBook, but that’s just me.

Feel free to tell us how brilliant we are in the comments.

55 Responses to “Apple’s “Brick” riddle, deciphered”
  1. John D says:

    How about another Brick in the wall? It has been FOREVER since Apple has given sweet love to the education community. What about a double-size iPhone with iWork on it for about the price of an iPod Touch? Killer education application! Students would love it. Teachers could use it. Hey, possibly others would like it, too.

    This thought occurred to me because my iPhone reminds me, in spirit, of my old Newton. There is nothing like the Newton eMate. Hey!

  2. Kevin says:

    I agree with Thomas. Most errors with computers happen as a result of a conflict with hardware and the software coded for it. Apple controls both the hardware and software production, so that’s why everything (most all the time) “just works.”

  3. Steve says:

    My prediction: An upgrade AND merger of the Mac Mini and Apple TV. SO MANY people already use the Mac Mini as the central component of their home entertainment system.

    (Personally, my Mac Mini’s connected to a 42″ RCA TV with IO coming from a wireless mouse and keyboard and/or via VNC and an old Fujitsu Stylistic LT that I have running on Damn Small Linux. It’s a great setup, but I only have a 1.4 ghz Mini, and WoW runs really slowly…)

    SO many people use the Mini as their home entertainment hub that I can only presume that it’s cut heavily into Apple TV sales. The Apple TV really seems redundant when you can do almost as much (and maybe more) with a used Mac Mini costing much less.

    So, in order to stay on top of things, the “Brick” should be a new Mac Mini ESPECIALLY designed to serve in the living room, with HDMI out ports, digital audio out, Blu-ray, and Apple TV software built-in. A new wireless control device (taking a few cues from the Nintendo Wii) would also make such a computer HIGHLY desireable.

    If this isn’t Apple’s vision for the “Brick”, it should be…

    A possible name for this new computer? How about the “Mac Medea”? It doubles as a play on the word “media”, and also the idea of the Mac being a Windows killer (The Mac is the parent who murders it’s child – Windows – hehehe)…

  4. tom says:

    Excellent theory. I never considered The Brick to mean Windows killer—brilliant! It even sounds like something Apple would contrive and I can’t imagine a better time for a hostile takeover of real PC market share–20% or more would be sweet. Microsoft couldn’t be more vulnerable than it is right now. It doesn’t seem to have focus or vision, XP is reaching end of life, Vista has been rejected by the PC world, Windows 7 is still too far out to matter, confidence in Microsoft is pathetically low, and Ballmers at the helm–Ballmer! They’re ripe for slaughter. I can hardly contain my excitement.

  5. Lawrence Job says:

    So nothing to do with the ‘iPhone Nano’ rumour. Not like O2 suggested anything’s going to happen ‘just before Christmas’ (aside from Pay+Go)?

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