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Dell’s Latitude E4200 MacBook Air Parody

Oh those incorrigible Dell boys and their video hijinks!

Here we see their latest effort, a comparison between the Dell Latitude E4200 and the MacBook Airentitled “More Substance, Less Air” and produced by Dell’s official corporate blog, DellVlog.

Now, I won’t argue that producing a smaller computer (although it looks to be 20 times thicker than the Air) with more RAM, an optical drive, and longer battery life than the MacBook Air isn’t something to crow about. (I’m actually one of the rare Apple Fanboys who thinks the Air falls short of achieving what it was designed to do). However, there is something even more unique about the Air among ultra-portables than that it can fit inside an envelope – it can run OS X. I don’t want a Ferrari that can only run on train tracks, and I don’t want a laptop that runs Windows, no matter how small it is. Maybe Dell should be comparing its stuff to other PC ultra portables, and not be reminding everyone that there’s a better OS out there.

Of course, no ultra-portable PC laptop manufacturer has been capable of creating as iconic an ad as the Air, so I guess you can’t parody something that no one has heard of (which is why no one will be pardoying the Dell Latitude E4200). Catchy name, by the way.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Matt for the link!

5 Responses to “Dell’s Latitude E4200 MacBook Air Parody”
  1. Alex says:

    that’s what I try to tell people.
    no matter how powerful or thin or cheap or famous (or not) it is, It ain’t got Mac OS X and THAT’s what matters.

    Also, they think it’s cool do say “Hey man, check it out, I got the new Dell Latitude E Fourty-two-hundred!”

  2. Dave-O says:

    They conspicuously avoid shots that show how fat it is. Hard not to notice what they’re hiding when they parody a video that specifically shows how razor-thin the MBA is.

  3. darrell says:

    so how many parody videos are on YouTube of the MacBook Air ad now? and out of all of them which ones does anyone remember?

    the sad part of trying to show off a competing notebook to the MacBook Air with an Air parody ad is that it only winds up making people remember the MacBook Air ad. yeah we get it. you got 3 USB ports and a DVD burner. you win.

  4. Tom Foolery says:

    beautifully said. period.

  5. Pony says:

    Is this a professionally made ad? If so I’d sack the agency. Look at the screen bend when the guy opens it with one finger. If the thing is going to bend like that lift it from the centre or find another angle.

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