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First fake “leaked” MacBook Pro hits the web


Personally, I find the Apple Store employee shirt a little much. We’re closing in to October 14th, so this should be the first of many.

[via faithful Macenstein reader chalkartist via iphonesavior]

14 Responses to “First fake “leaked” MacBook Pro hits the web”
  1. Jack says:

    How about that ridiculous looking dock on the trackpad.

    Photoshop n00b alert!

  2. Chip says:

    How about that ridiculous looking dock not being on the screen ie. what’s it reflecting from?

  3. Brian says:

    Dock on the trackpad? One can only pray not…

  4. Adrian says:

    There’s about three different vanishing points in that image. What an incredibly bad fake.

  5. Schorschie says:

    If he’d ever used a Mac he would knew, that PhotoBooth is showing people mirrored and not inverted on that side of the computer.

  6. LOL says:

    LOL thats the first thing i saw…

  7. - Jie says:

    It’s not reflecting, it’s supposed to be a multitouch screen, kind of an iPhone melted down the MBP… Or a big Nintendo DS… I guess! 🙂

  8. number13 says:

    Hi guys, you know I got nothing to do with this lad on the picture, but if you think back about a month ago there was pictures of MacBook Pro cases!!! remember? and if you refer back to them pictures they did all have Curved edges! so you never know this might be the real thing!!!

  9. Phelim says:

    If the idiot that made this didn’t have the dock/trackpad thing and didn’t try to validate it with the t-shirt that I’ve never actually seen employees wear it would be all but believable. Also, if this unit had just come into the store, where is ‘Macintosh HD’ on the desktop?

  10. malkin says:

    you guys are clueless idiots. don’t you read the other rumor websites? the new macbooks and macbook pros are scheduled to have GLASS TRACKPADS. that explains the dock on the trackpad. enjoy your lives

  11. Wickedgood says:

    My take on the glass trackpad is that it just refers to it having the same type of sensor as the iPhone. I doubt that there would be image here, it would bring up cost considerably, and unnecessarily.

    Apple employees haven’t had these shirts in about 4 years, and the stores don’t receive stock this far in advance, if the release is truly October 14th. Also, even if it’s coming out earlier, they will not open the packaging until the day of release, which is definitely not today.

  12. dizzy says:

    Seems like apple stores don’t get products on the day they are announced. Like the new iPods were only online on the release date.

  13. Mason says:

    A dock in the Trackpad, while it sounds pretty cool at first (at least to me), is a pretty bad idea. Doing that would not only give the dock a very limited amount of room, but I’d imagine it’d get in the way of the Trackpad itself. Although, if they were to somehow separate it from he rest of the Trackpad so you wouldn’t accidentally launch anything, and they made it Stacks-based, and added some of those Stacks drawers as a built in option, then I gotta admit it would be pretty cool.

  14. I am sure that if Apple put a dock in the trackpad, they would do it better than we are thinking.
    Probably the better, trackpad user experience in centuries 😉

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