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Behold iStik: The magnetic iPod nano bikini holder

Just as I still get nervous when my MacBook goes through the airport scanners, somehow the idea of putting powerful magnets next to my iPod still freaks me out, no matter how safe an electrical engineer assures me it is. Still, iStik’s magnetic cases for the nano appear to be the best thing to happen to bikini bottoms since the Coppertone dog.

iStik Actually, there are no magnets being used in this shot – the nano holding on all by itself. It took 3 men to reluctantly pry it off.

Just place one side of the iStik’s magnets on either side of your clothing (thinner material is recommended) and go about your workouts without having to worry about such annoyances as armbands, pockets, or people not looking at your ass.


Currently the cases only support the nano, but cases are being rolled out soon for the iPhone and iPod touch. iStik claims they have had an electrical engineer test the effects of the iStik’s powerful magents, and they are confident they will not damage your iPod in any way. The secret is that since the flash-based nanos have no moving parts in them, the magnets can do no harm. Hmmm… Somehow it still sounds wrong to me, but hey, I’m not an electrical engineer.

It will be interesting to see how well the iStik attaches the much heavier iPhone onto bikini bottoms. VERY interesting, in fact. Perhaps iStik will release some magnetic suspenders to help support the devices.

iStik “Thanks to the iStik, the ladies are finally checking me out!”

5 Responses to “Behold iStik: The magnetic iPod nano bikini holder”
  1. darrell says:

    magnets have therapeutic uses as well. so while your rockin with your two-piece, you’re also fighting ovarian cancer.

  2. Jim says:

    Dear Dr. The EE is correct says this electrical engineer. However, the older HD based iPods could be affected. If they are really strong magnets for their size.

  3. Alex says:

    This is good, until the girl takes her iPod off her butt, puts it into her bag, and leaves the magnets inside her bikini because she’s in the middle of the freakin beach.
    THEN, she plays there the whole day, only to come back home and hear: “honey, why the hell you have so many coins, paper clips and metallic stuff in your.. bottoms?


    they sould make one for the macbook pro as well, how cool would that be for celebrities?!

  4. sinder112 says:

    Credit cards have no moving parts either, but magnets definitely screw them up. I’d be wary of using my iPhone with one of these things.

  5. Jonro says:

    Credit cards have a magnetic strip that contains account data on the back, which can be demagnetized. Flash memory based iPods and iPhones probably wouldn’t be affected by magnetic fields (unless you put it in an MRI).

    These magnets would be really useful if they were implanted under the skin. Then you could just slap your iPhone on your arm and listen to music.

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