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Does Apple’s October 14th invite confirm the glass trackpad rumors?

Apple has finally (unofficially) confirmed the release of new MacBooks on October 14th via one of its trademarked “mysterious special event invitations that we never seem to get”.

While conventional wisdom has it that the image on the invite is that of the back of the new 13-inch MacBook Apple will be selling us, faithful Macenstein reader Payton decided that everybody is being a little too lazy in taking the invite at face value. So he came up with a different (and more speculation-friendly) take on the image.

While looking at the invitational graphic that Apple sent out for the event they’re holding on October 14th, I noticed that it would be the correct size for the rumored glass trackpad. So I opened Photoshop and placed the image on top of the “leaked photos” of the new next-gen MacBook Pro. I think the rumors are true. Makes sense that other companies couldn’t duplicate what Apple could do because of the patents it holds on multi-touch.

Nice Job Payton! And I really want to agree with you, although that Apple logo on the back placed exactly where the current one is on laptops is just a little too hard to ignore. Still, since the glass trackpad would be the most noticeable/marketable rumored change to the devices (despite the hubbub, we doubt Joe Lunch Pail gives two hoots about whether the MacBook is carved from 1 hunk of aluminum or 6) it might make some sense that Apple might hint at it in the invite.

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  1. Pauley says:

    The way the upper right corner is lit up, though, it would be raised away from the background of the image, not inset like most trackpads are. The edge would be lit up in the bottom left corner if it were inset.

    — Pauley

  2. kelly says: is reporting that the new MacBooks will be two tone and sport a plastic top with Aluminum insides. Hmmmmm.

  3. Paul Walker says:

    I find it interesting that they used the term “spotlight” in the invite. I would think they would avoid it in contexts unrelated to, well, Spotlight™.

  4. Lee says:

    PLEASE be a glass trackpad! Apple, innovate!

    A lot of people think it would just be gimmicky and pointless, but I think there would be a lot of potential. Everyone wants a tablet mac, but Apple’s focus has been on touch, not on pens. Think about how wildly successful Nintendo DS has been. Not only would the trackpad do all the current multi-touch maneuvers of macbook air, but it could have widgets, alerts, and shortcuts. Keep your hands on the lower half of your laptop…

  5. dizzy says:

    I think for sure based on these picture the trackpad will be bigger and will have more multitouch controls than the current one (like the 2 finger scroll), but whether it’s a glass screen like sticking the iphone in the trackpad I’m not convinced.

    Although if they do a screen trackpad plus drop the price this should be a big event and maybe the stock will go back up so I can afford to buy some dinner!

  6. Scott says:

    I don’t believe the picture on the invite sent out by Apple could represent a glass trackpad because the of the lighting effect caused by the spotlight shining. The way the spotlight hits, makes me think its a laptop because the beam is wider on the laptop, and is narrower in the background, making the laptop in the foreground. If this were a picture of a glass trackpad, there would be no noticeable foreground/background difference.

  7. Som Eone says:

    Funny, how the black area in the image has two rounded top corners revealing a bit of … say, aluminum.

  8. kelly says:

    What if…..(oh no,….) this is the backside of the (oh no…..don’t say it!) the much rumored iTablet. The image just spins around horizontally and it’s a touch tablet. (I’m sorry.)

  9. KiDo says:

    Has anybody noticed that the 13″ macbook shape is out of order with the rest of the background? not exactly in the middle, in my thoughts, the background stands for the trackpad, the foreground for the macbook, the reason they chose for spotlight is unclear to me 😛

  10. Cocoy says:

    Why settle for a glass trackpad when you can make a tablet mac that makes the entire thing— well glass. 😉

  11. BEKannt says:

    Ich denke das kein Tablet raus kommt.

  12. Jorf says:

    Whoa, the shape is just right–you really need to look at the complete invitation ( to see it. The MacBook Air has those same rounded top corners on its trackpad. This could be a glass trackpad showing a video of an Apple notebook. Kinda cool.

  13. Constable Odo says:

    It’s really fun to read how you some of you can extrapolate what a full size dinosaur looks like from six inches of bone. It’s like you’re given a one piece from a 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you think you can figure out what the puzzle is going to look like when it’s finished. You’re all just guessing and the one that get’s lucky might have some claim to fame. They’re just a new bunch of notebooks and you’ll find out soon enough come October 14th.

    Bricks of aluminum, CNC milling, glass trackpads, Blu-Ray drives? Anyone could be making up all this nonsense. And when the actual product comes out, most of you will be so disappointed when it doesn’t have all these features. Me, I just hope they’re faster and reliable, have good battery life with a less expensive pricetag. If potential customers like them and buy them, Apple will have done it’s job.

  14. al says:

    look. it’s not a PICTURE of the trackpad, it’s a picture of the notebook. the invite ITSELF is shaped like a trackpad. (curved top corners, sharp bottom corners to accommodate for the button). I think it does signify something about a new trackpad.

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