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Mac Guy Justin Long dating Tila Tequila

Page Six is reporting that Justin “I’m a Mac” Long, fresh from his break up with Kirsten Dunst (which was fresh from his break up with Drew Barrymore) is now dating MTV’s favorite bisexual, Tila Tequila.

“But on Halloween, the “Mac Guy” hooked up with trampy bisexual Tila Tequila in Las Vegas. Spies said the two were spotted at Los Angeles airport and nightclub Noir, where Long “asked her to straddle him while making out. Eww,” our spy sniffed.”

Sniffed? What a horrible choice of words. Anyway, I’m glad to see Justin has finally settled down with a nice, normal girl. I have a really good feeling about this relationship and think it has a much better chance of surviving than Long’s other cheap, Hollywood pairings where prudes Barrymore and Dunst probably wouldn’t bring 3 other girls into bed. I predict it won’t be long before the two will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by a gaggle of great grandkids. (Well, I guess it would be at least 50 years from now, actually which is sort of a long time… but you get what I’m saying.)

4 Responses to “Mac Guy Justin Long dating Tila Tequila”
  1. Alex says:

    Justin Long love her long time.

  2. dizzy says:

    “Sniffed? What a horrible choice of words” LOL 🙂

    I don’t understand the obsession with this girl is. I have no attraction to her and wish she would just disappear. The mac chics of the month have more ‘going on’ then her.

  3. Steve says:

    dizzy if you don’t understand the attraction i’m afraid you need a lot of help, probably medical and mental 🙂

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