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WooHoo is free today – still inexplicably on the iTunes store

And speaking of d’oh!… Well, I admit I was wrong. When I saw that someone was selling a Pillsbury Doughboy app on iTunes, I was sure it would have been pulled by the end of the week. Yet, here we are nearly 3 weeks later, and WhooHoo is still going strong. In fact, in honor of the creator’s birthday, Griffin Landa has decided to make WooHoo free for a limited time.

Back when WooHoo cost $0.99, I was not willing to part with a hard-earned dollar just to see how bad the app is, but now that it’s free I have taken the plunge, and yes, the app falls far below my already incredibly low expectations. All the app is is a still picture of the Doughboy that plays a noisy cut of his giggle when you press on his tummy, yet, somehow it has 3 reviews and a 4 star average, which either means Griffin and 2 friends bought his app, or the world has officially gone insane. If this were a PC program, I would SWEAR it would have to be spyware, that’s how bad it is.

Download it for yourself, and feel free to give the app a more honest rating.

2 Responses to “WooHoo is free today – still inexplicably on the iTunes store”
  1. Alex says:

    I saw your comment on the AppStore! hahaha

    Well.. it IS a very very very bad app.. but I see no reason for Apple to pull it out..

    other than shame, of course.

  2. LouRob says:

    It’s back to 99 cents now. Damn…

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