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Apple lets its Fart Flag fly

Earlier today we reported that Apple had finally allowed the controversial “Pull My Finger” app onto the iTunes store. The application, which is designed to play a humorous selection of fart sounds, had previously been denied iTunes acceptance due to “limited utility”. Well, it seems that Apple’s change of heart had little to do with any new “utility” the app might have, and more to do with Apple’s new “pro-farting” policy. Not more than one hour after Pull My Finger made its triumphant debut on iTunes, THREE more flatulence-themed apps have hit the store, all presumably caught up in the same anti-gas red tape as Pull My Finger, and they are guaranteed to blow you away.

First up is iPooted ($0.99), an iPhone Whoopee Cushion simulator. “Just open iPooted and tap the screen to let one rip! iPooted contains 10 different fart sounds to keep you (or your 3-year old) laughing.” Hmm… I think three might be pushing the age a bit on this one. This seems like a 2-year old an under kind of thing. A good test before buying might be to see if your kid thinks this is funny. If so, drop a buck on iPooted.

Next we have Fart Machine ($0.99). “Fart Machine lets you customize your own fart sound effects with a simple swipe of your finger!” Funny. I can already do that via changing my diet.

Finally, we have iFart Mobile ($2.99), a fart simulator with a twist. iFart Mobile allows you to set your iPhone to either fart at a specific time, or to use a fart sound as a security measure, should someone move your iPhone. Given that I am sure any would-be iPhone thief would immediately back away from a farting iPhone, I think this is one app we all can’t afford not to buy.

I for one am glad to see Apple take a more “flatulence firendly” stance – who knows? Maybe they’ll even let Woz back in the building. I am also very much looking forward to all 4 of these farting apps being featured in the next iPhone commercial. And now that we know Steve Jobs himself picks the songs used in the iPhone ads, may I humbly suggest “That Smell” by Lynard Skynard?

2 Responses to “Apple lets its Fart Flag fly”
  1. imajoebob says:

    It may seem contradictory for an old fart like me to complain, but I really hate this onslaught of adolescent and/or juvenile humour. Junior high was a long time ago. I think Apple would better serve their image and protect their pricing structure by limiting App Store sales to products with a life of more than 5 days.

    On the other hand, this certainly reinforces the idea that Apple has become mainstream. 99% of us used to trade novelty crap like this on our PCs when Windows first came out. And delete it 3 days later.

  2. Bjarki Gudjonsson says:

    Some iPhone owners are still in junior high. Thank god we don’t all have the same sense of humor. Especially if it’s yours. 🙂


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