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Do you LOVE music? I mean, REALLY love music? (NSFW)

Kids, look away! Look away right now. In fact, you know what, I think maybe EVERYONE should probably just look away…

Don’t click on the picture, for the love of GOD!

Whoops! You scrolled down? I’m sorry.

Well, what you are staring at, mouth agape, is the iBoobs, a pillowy soft iPod speaker system from jolly old England, land of the Shower Breasts. Costing $22.49, odds are these things sound as good as they look. You know, it’s rare that you come across a device that you know will literally change your life if you buy it, and I am preety sure your life will never be the same once you buy the iBoobs.

Hmmm… The only thing weirder than this picture is realizing someone had to draw it….

Thanks (I guess) to faithful Macenstein reader Tim.
[via fashionindie]

3 Responses to “Do you LOVE music? I mean, REALLY love music? (NSFW)”
  1. wigwamman says:

    100% must have for christmas.

  2. Xero says:

    (:-( )
    wish i could say Ive never seen anything this weird as an ipod accessory but… well just hit the website link i put up

  3. MIke says:

    What do you expect after all those years of women complaining that men were staring at their breasts instead of listening to them?

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