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I bet someone threw a Zune further…

Behold Roald Bradstock, former Olympic javelin thrower and current fashion plate. Here we see Roald set the world record for iPod throwing, and amazing 154 yards. Or at least we assume he is setting it. The filming is so disjointed, and there appears to be no one with any type of badge or even mustache officiating the event, but given that Roald has built his entire (sad) post-Olympic life around throwing random objects, we’re guessing this is legit.

Amazingly, the iPod survived the throw, and is being donated to the Who Gives a S#$% Museum in Hertfordshire England.

3 Responses to “I bet someone threw a Zune further…”
  1. Dave-O says:

    The question is which way was that considerable wind blowing?

    The Zune may go further, but it won’t be in perfect working condition after (seeing as how it wouldn’t be working before).

  2. I just meant that more people have likely thrown their Zunes, so there are more opportunities for records to be set.
    -The Doc

  3. don’t you mean “pathetic”?


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